Thursday 15 October 2015

Style: Good vibes only

Over the last year I have tried to do some downsizing in my life: less stuff, less fuss, less drama. I'm not always successful (lately I seem to have fallen off the good vibes-wagon), which is why I pulled out this shirt as a much-needed reminder. While you can't always avoid conflict in your life, we definitely have a choice how much we want to engage in gossip and trash-talking others. 
I want to make a renewed effort to walk away from it whenever possible. 
Good vibes only! 

Let's fist bump to that

Corduroy pants: Smart Set (closed; similar); shoes: Payless shoes (similar); shirt: Luxx Culture/Etsy; jacket: old (similar styles herehere and here); glasses: Joseph Marc from Clearly Contacts  


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