Sunday 4 October 2015

October goals

Hi October, how you doin'? (In my best Joey Tribbiani voice.) 
It's that time again where I look at my goals from the last month and write down new ones for the Clear The List link-up. 

Clear The List

If you are a go-getter who just needs a bit of extra motivation, you should join MariahEstherHsiao-TingLindsay and Shannon. It makes a huge difference to publicly state your goals as opposed to vaguely thinking "oh yeah, I should really get on that", and then never do anything about it.

Last month's goals were threefold: 

Clean up the yard after the storm we had. Yes, we did! We spent an entire Saturday having a big campfire with all the branches that had come down. It was glorious!
Donald was there as well. 
Hand in three CT assignments. I did! Way before the deadline, I may add. There are only two more left, and I'm planning on doing them over the weekend. After that I have some time before the exam on November 20th. Moving along way more smoothly than I expected!

Work on my book. Meh - I did, but not as much as I had hoped. I will talk about it more in a couple of paragraphs, just hang on a minute, okay?

October goals:

Study for my Canadian citizenship test.
I am so ridiculously excited to become a Canadian, and have been working on the process all year. Now, on October 20th, I will write my citizenship test and have my interview, and then (hopefully) become a Canadian at long last. Eeks!! Before that happy event can happen I have to pass the test though, and as I was looking through my study guide I was once again reminded how woefully inadequate my knowledge of the history and political intricacies is. But this is about to change! Come October 20, I will know it all. Booyah!

Finish my last two CT assignments.  They are due this month, and I will kick their butts and get 'er done.

Yes, I have set myself a deadline NaNoWriMo-style: By Halloween I will have a rough draft of my book of essays. It's really happening, y'all. I have a title, an outline, and a purpose/message that I want to convey. It's super scary, but at the same time really exciting! I need to do this to see if I can. Last year in the wee hours of my 35th birthday celebration, I drunkenly sat on the couch with my friends and told them all that "35 is the age where I will write my book!". My birthday is coming up in just a little over two months, so the clock is ticking. The goal is that I will somehow have it published by December 6th, my birthday. Nothing like a deadline to get your butt in gear! 

What are your goals for October?


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