Thursday 19 November 2015

Style: Happy thoughts and a shift dress

As I'm sitting here on my desk, cup of coffee by my side and corgi lying across my feet, I feel happy and content. The sun is streaming in, and it's the most beautiful morning you can imagine. Half an hour ago when I let the dogs out, I had to run back inside the house to get my camera, the light was too pretty to resist! I love this feeling of being overcome with a creative urge. As someone who believed herself to be "practical" and without a creative bone in her body for the majority of her life, this feeling still thrills me. The power of our mind is truly powerful - what you believe about yourself becomes true. This can work against you, but once you realize it? Turn it around and make it work for you!

Okay, now let's move on to the shift dress. I vividly remember my first introduction to it. I was 15, my family had a christening to go to, and my mom had bought a shift dress for the occasion. She proudly presented herself to us in a really beautiful dress - and I was unimpressed. Being the arrogant teenager I was, certain of my superior fashion sense, I thought it shapeless and unflattering. 

Shows what I know. Twenty years later, more mature and, once again, comfortable in my taste in fashion, I adore them. The shift dress hides a little belly, can be transformed into a hourglass shape by simply using a belt, and is super easy to wear. What's not to love?

I bought this beauty (highly discounted) at our friendly neighbourhood store Otter Co-op. It's a grocery store that has everything: Farming equipment, poison (rat poison that is), nails, paint, groceries, Christmas lights, purses, jewellery, clothes, and so much more. It's awesome. Often quite pricey, you can get great deals if you keep an eye out. Since I'm at the store at least three times the week, I rarely miss a good sale!

Anyway, back to the outfit. Geesh, I'm easily side-tracked today - I blame it on the upcoming exam tomorrow, my brain is mush. Maybe not the best condition to write an exam with, but what can you do. I'll return to the books shortly, the last 24 hours are the best to make yourself crazy pound information in your brain.  

Lately I'm not doing much clothes shopping, because money.
But that's actually okay, because my closet is fairly well stocked! Everything I wear today is between 2-8 (I think?) years old, and it still works! At least for me. That's the great thing about fashion: Everything comes back eventually. And when it comes to personal style, you can make anything work, as long as you wear it with confidence!

Dress: Otter Co-op (look at this beauty!); jacket: H&M (expensive optionaffordable option); shoes: Old Navy (similar and affordable)

What's your opinion about shift dresses? Do you agree with teenage-me or mature-me?

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