Thursday 12 November 2015

Style: Tomboy in a tutu

In many ways, I'm a tomboy. I love getting dirty. I make bonfires like it's my job, love camping, and don't bat an (unextensioned and unmascaraed) eyelash when I can't have a shower or wash my hair for several days. Dirty jokes are hilarious to me, and I like hanging with the guys. 

But when it comes to clothes, I'm all girl. Dresses and skirts are my jam. I love the endless possibilities we have for getting dressed! I don't particularly follow any rules, I simply wear what makes me feel good. Life is too short to dress in boring clothes, amiright?

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw was wearing this tutu, I have wanted one. It's the epitome of girliness!
However, Carrie tends to be too out there with her fashion choices, so I looked at Pinterest for inspiration. As always, it didn't disappoint. Turns out, tutus are way more versatile than you'd think. 
I'm already planning to pair mine with this plaid shirtstripes, or this perfect top that I have yet to buy, but most definitely will. 

This time I wore it with my Big Bang Theory dress, to give it a modern edge.*

*Do I sound like a fashion blogger or what? I have no idea what I'm talking about. 

Tutu: Etsy; top: it's this dress (not available any more; buy this top, it's perfect for the skirt!); shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

Do you own a tutu? If not, what's stopping you? ;-)


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