Saturday 28 November 2015

Unique and whimsical Christmas gifts under $40.00

Okay folks, it is here: The Christmas season has officially started. I'm not one of those Christmas-crazy people who start counting down in January, far from it - most years I'm more of a scrooge. But I am determined to appreciate this year's Christmas season for all its good parts: twinkly lights, sugar cookies, mulled wine, people coming together and all the whimsy that comes with it. While I am feeling conflicted about the commercial side of Christmas (who doesn't?), I do appreciate a good deal and some of the fabulous gifts that can be found during Christmas time. 

Today I did some window shopping at my favourite online store, ModCloth
I found some awesome gift ideas! 

For the animal corgi lover (aka me)

ModCloth Corgi Calendar

If you happen to have a corgi-lover *cough* in your life, they would really appreciate a corgi calendar. 
I'm asking for a friend.

Pst. This calendar also comes in a cat version.

ModCloth Corgi T-shirt

A corgi. A bicycle. A corgi riding a bicycle. Do I need to say more?
I wear a size medium.

For the hobby cook

ModCloth Fox Measuring cups

How cute are these?! I'm obsessed. If you have a nature-loving cook in our family, you have to get them these adorable fox measuring cups. 

ModCloth whimsical shaker set

Another fantastic gift for a cook who loves animals. I'm not even an enthusiastic cook, and I want these spice shakers. They are so great! I can't even.  

For the girl who likes to be comfy and stylish

ModCloth Christmas leggings

So, apparently the whole (girl-)world has been loving leggings for years. Huh. I myself finally saw the light this year, when I started doing yoga in the morning, and then, somehow, ended up never changing out of my leggings for the rest of the day. Omg, the comfort is indescribable. 
But you already knew that. Because you, unlike me, aren't resistant to trends, and actually believe the one-hundred-and-million people who will swear by something. Colour me appropriately chastised. 
Now I want more leggings, all the time. These are a steal, and perfect for winter!
Also, perfect stocking stuffers. 
Or birthday presents.
(My birthday is on December 6th. Just saying.)

The perfect high-waisted jeans

Okay, full disclosure: I don't own these jeans. Or any high-waisted jeans for that matter. 
I love them on other people. Love them! But I'm convinced they will look horrible on me. 

The way this will be going down is just like it was with leggings and me: I will refuse to wear them for years, until one day, many years from now, I will finally try them on and fall completely, ridiculously in love with them. Right around the time when they will become un-trendy again. 
Because that's how I roll.

For the Christmas fanatic (ironic or not)

Ugly Christmas sweater T-shirt

Ugly Christmas sweaters are not ugly any more, they have become pretty much a necessity for the holidays. If you want to take the casual, I'm-not-taking-this-seriously-approach, how about this tee? Comfy, festive and ironic, it's perfect for the guy who refuses to put on a real ugly sweater.

Twinkly lights

Twinkly lights are one of the best parts about Christmas, don't you think? How about these twinkly stars?


Ladies, if you love Santa and dresses/skirts, these tights are for you. So fun!

Holiday season door mat

This door mat is super-cute for the season, but also appropriate for all the deer-lovers in your life. 

For the wanderlusting person in your life

Wanderlust print

Do you know someone who is always dreaming of their next adventure? This print will get their wanderlust going. 

ModCloth VW washbag

Do you know that my parents owned this VW bus for real?? That's the vehicle we went on vacation with for at least ten years. We had great times in this bus, and so will your toothbrush when you pack it in there. This is what I call travelling in style!

Happy shopping!


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