Wednesday 20 April 2016

Do good, feel good, look good

I love animals. A fact you may have guessed, since we live with about 500 of them :-)
They have pure souls, an ability to calm me down like nobody else can, and a lust for life that's contagious. Watch a flock of lambs running and jumping around on a sunny afternoon, and your bad mood will disappear. I guarantee it! It's impossible not to smile and feel uplifted. 

I also have a soft spot for elephants. One of our family traditions is watching the Discovery Channel after family dinners, and the beautiful shows often feature these majestic giants: Elephants.

When Preciousy contacted me and asked if I would like to introduce them on the blog, I didn't think twice about it.
They are a company that is passionate about the same things I am: Animals and fashion. They donate 5% from their profits to Save the Elephants, an organization that works tirelessly to save elephants from poaching and create and maintain a safe environment for them.

Preciousy came up with a great idea to help these beautiful animals: Offer unique, fun and affordable items and support elephants at the same time. It's a win/win!

I browsed their fantastic collection and assembled my 20 favourite pieces - all under $30!

For the home
Home decor

This holder is awesome: You can use it to drain your cutlery, for your toothbrush, to hold pens on your desk or as a flower pot - the possibilities are endless. 

If you want to add a pop of colour to your home, the easiest way is to add some colourful pillows. How about this beautiful elephant?

I'm actually going to order this curtain myself, because I'm smitten. How great is this beautiful guy?
If you click to the website, you can choose from different designs. There is also an elephant on the toilet ;-)

You can never have too many phone cases, can you? This one is unique and stylish.

This gorgeous oil painting comes in many different sizes, from 11.81" x 15.74" to 29.52" x 59.05".  

Elephant Jewellery

If you're a stud girl (this sounds wrong somehow, but you know what I mean, right?), these smiling elephants are perfect. They are about the size of my thumb nail. 

7. Delicate necklace: $16.86
This little elephant is so adorable! It comes with a chain that's 26" long, making it perfect for wearing over a simple white tee, or for layering with other necklaces (like this mom and baby necklace). 

8. Watch: $14.99
Hi baby! The watch strap comes in several colours: white, black, light turquoise and a bright shade of turquoise. Even if you don't usually wear a watch, this one is pretty enough to wear simply for its cuteness factor. 

Abstract elephant head necklace. The charm is small (0.5" x 0.4"), making it perfect for everyday wear. It comes in gold and silver.

10. Elephant wrap ring: $9.95
Those ears! They remind me a bit of my corgi. I can't resist big ears. 

Elephant fashion

11. Summer shirt: $18.87
This fun tee is on my list for this summer. Can you see yourself wearing it for a pool party/barbecue? The colours are so summer-y, and the fit is flattering enough to hide the extra hot-dog (or two). 

12. Scarf: $24.99
Light-weight scarves are great accessories year-round. This one also comes in red.

13. Form-fitting dress: $29.99
I'm never sure about body-con dresses, but I have learnt that they are a lot more flattering than our judgemental minds led us to believe. A fun print like this elephant one is a great way to distract the eye from any (imagined or otherwise) lumps and bumps. I'm so tempted to order this dress!

Okay. If there has ever been a "Miriam"-dress, this is it. The cut, the colour, the print - this is exactly my style. Watch out for this one in an upcoming style post!

15. Loose cotton shirt: $18.99
Breezy, flowy, fun - the quintessential summer shirt.

Yoga clothes

16. Leggings: $18.99
I have a wide-legged pair in the same colour that I bought last year. I adore this print as well.

17. Kimono: $24.99
The more I get into yoga, the more I become fond of the boho style. This kimono is lightweight and stylish, I love it!

18. Wide-legged high-waisted pants: $23.99
Ditto for wide-legged pants. So hippie-chic!

19. Sleeveless elephant-print shirt: $19.85
Hi there, pretty flowy shirt!

20. 3D Leggings: $23.98
Leggings are pants. There, I said it. After years of steadfastly ignoring it, I have finally seen the light. Here's a cute pair for working out, lounging around, and yes, wearing out in public! ;-)

What are you waiting for? Get your shopping on!

This post is sponsored by Preciousy. All opinions are 100% my own.

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