Thursday 28 April 2016

Big skirt, tiny top

I'm currently sitting in my parent's kitchen, watching the morning dawn. I woke up at 5am, courtesy of jetlag, and I'm enjoying the peace and quiet of an awakening new day.
It's freezing cold here in Germany: Around 0°C at night, and only marginally warmer during the day. Crazy!
Luckily, I took these pictures before I left, on a balmy morning that turned into a wonderfully warm and sunny day. I'm more thankful than ever that I live in beautiful Canada!

Anyway, moving on to the skirt. I originally wanted to name this post "Hell froze over", because that's what I once said had to happen before I would wear a crop top.
Well, I'm eating my words now, which has happened before. Nothing goes as well with a big skirt than a crop top! I've seen the light, and I apologize for my short-sightedness before.
This is actually not a real crop top: I hiked this one up in the back and made a knot, because I didn't like it tugged into the skirt. I'm gonna buy a real one asap, because now that I have seen the light, I can't wait to wear more big skirts and tiny tops!

Skirt: SheIn
Top: old (similar)
Heels: old (similar)

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