Sunday 3 July 2016

Best of June

June started out with a project I thought I could whip off in a couple of days: Painting my kitchen cupboards. However, I quickly realized how wrong I had been, because the couple of days turned into a seemingly never-ending week defined by tearing out my hair, screaming more often than I'd like to admit, and bursting spontaneously into tears a time or two. 

Having lived with it now for three weeks, I gotta admit that it was worth every tear and lost hair! I'm really happy with the end result, and quite amazed by how easy it is to keep the bright white cupboards clean. #acrylicpaintforthewin

We went flying one day, which was magical (full video is here). 

June was weird in regards to how often I socialized with others: We went out to several dinners with friends, had family over for Richard's birthday dinner, went to Point Roberts for an epic bike ride + dinner, and met new people (always a big deal for this introvert). Highly unusual for little old me. 
Basically, I ate a LOT all month ;-) 
(Which is not unusual at all haha!)

I've also started to get a bit more into Snapchat! I have to admit, I get its appeal now, I do. It's simply fun! No-stress, live-in-the-moment, don't-worry-about-themes-or-making-it-pretty FUN. 
While I'm still inconsistent in posting stories (some days I simply forget), there are lots of people on there who KILL it. 
Some of them are: @thedailytay (my top fave, she is absolutely hilarious!), @jen_esq (for serious workout inspiration), @gummergal (she is drop-dead-gorgeous, so creative and very funny), @elsielarson (I'm forever amazed by her creativity), and then some of my fave bloggers, because it's awesome to hear their voices and get more glimpses into their everyday life (I'm looking at you, @liz.belovelive). 

In other news, I finished watching OITNB, which I mentioned here. I also wrote an entire, 1000-word article about it, and pitched it to The Huffington Post! It's a long shot (very long), but I want to put myself more out there with my writing. 
I also pitched another one to Soul Anatomy, which is a site I fricking adore: Its posts are all about being human, figuring out life, and philosophical thoughts. Right up my alley! I'll keep at it until they can't ignore me any more :-)

As you may know, I have been documenting a second a day since February 1. The OCD in me desperately wishes she would have started on January 1, but I didn't think of it then. So February it is.

I put them all together in this video, and I love it. It's a really great tool to document life's little moments. I still struggle filming people (don't ask me why, I have no clue), so there are less people in this video than IRL. But that one moment still jogs my memory, and reminds me of what I did that day. It's wonderful.

I'm excited to see what the second half of 2016 will bring!

How was your June?


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