Saturday 10 September 2016

Happy links

Happy Saturday! How are you all doing?
Our week has been a whirlwind, which is why my blogging schedule has become so erratic. I have never been very good at adhering to a "schedule", but at least I had my weekly style post that was a regular feature. I had big plans to shoot photos and get one up yesterday, but then we spontaneously decided to drive to Merritt (again), to look at yet another property (again). By the time we got back, it was dark, and there went my good intentions. Eventually I will get my sh*t together again, but today is not that day. 

Anyway, there are exciting things happening around here: We got an offer for our farm! And we accepted!! But (there is always a but, isn't there), the downside is that we have to wait four weeks for the buyer's financing to be in order. Anything could happen in that time, so we won't pop the champagne just yet. Another lesson in patience, which has become something of a theme this year. Yoga, I never needed you more. 

Well, on popular demand* I'm bringing you the second edition of happy links! The internet is what keeps me sane, and I don't care if certain people (Richard, I'm looking at you) say that I'm addicted. It's my happy place!

*Nobody demanded it, but I like it. So there.  

This school playground from 1900 made me chuckle. No wonder the older generation is so tough!

This is amazing: The CEO of a senior's home changed his facility to look like a little village. It is supposed to help dementia- and Alzheimer-patients to feel more at home. It incorporates aromatherapy, has a ceiling that simulates the sky and changes according to the time of day, and has a main street for residents to meet.

Image found here

This is for my fellow yogis: An IG yogi gives tips for pincha mayurasana, and I had a huge aha-moment! SO helpful. 

I'm seriously considering changing my hair, and this cut is what I'm obsessed with. What do you think?

My blog friend Liz and her wife Lina started a podcast, and their latest episode on having the courage to live a creative life resonated deeply with me. 

This coat is what my autumn dreams are made of.

My favourite band always makes me happy!

What makes you happy?

P.S. These signs. I'm dying!


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  1. I chopped it off! I have mixed feelings about it (you can relate, right?), but I'm looking forward to trying lots of different styles with it. Plus, I can still tie it into a pony, which makes me very happy!


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