Thursday 15 September 2016

Making mistakes so you don't have to

Sharing mistakes online must seem like a strange thing to do. Why would anyone want the world to know how they messed up? 

Here's the thing: I believe that if we all are more open about the blunders and mistakes we regularly make, it's easier for other people to admit when they make them as well. Not only that: It may help someone not to fall into the same trap. 
And, even more importantly: When we see how other people fail, and they stubbornly keep going and don't give up, and get better and more successful over time - maybe it will encourage us to try something new? 

Comparing oneself's beginning with another person's years of experience is a recipe for disaster. Nobody starts something new and is great at it right from the get-go. NOBODY. 
Making mistakes is how we learn. 

I will continue to share my journey with all the ups and downs, to remind myself (and you guys!) that life is messy, full of falls, spills, and mistakes - and that's okay

You know what wasn't a mistake? These pants. 4% elastane are what an emotional eater's dreams are made of, because they stretch with your tummy. We had a massive Greek dinner tonight, creamy chicken with mushrooms and shrimps, calamari, and a triple-carb load of rice, roast potatoes, and warm, buttery pita bread, and the pants did their job extremely well. Only minimum discomfort, and the flowy top hid the rest. I call that a win!    

Top: very old (similar here or here)
Skinnies: H&M
Shoes: Old Navy



  1. Ain't that the truth.
    Do you remember waaay back in the 80s, when we all wore Levi's 501? 0% stretch. You had to squeeze yourself into them and suffer for a good, long time until they were worn in and more comfortable. What a life.
    Elastane is the best thing hat ever happened to women's clothes!

  2. Here. Here. To sharing our mistakes. I am a big proponent of that! Really great post and super cute outfit!

    I hope to see you again this week. Have a fantastic day!



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