Thursday 8 September 2016

Magic morning

The last two days were unreal. You know those days, where from the moment you wake up, nothing is going your way? You stub your toe while getting our of bed, wash your face with toothpaste instead of face wash, and spill coffee on your white shirt. 
Well, the last two days were the opposite of that. Everything was going smoothly, going better than we could ever have hoped for, and falling magically into place.

On Tuesday morning we had to get up at 5:30 am. Rich picked up birds he had shown at the PNE, I needed to clean the house for a showing that morning. Once the house was spotless, I still had some time before work, so not only did I wash my hair, I actually blow-dried and curled it. And put mascara on. These two seemingly unimportant acts of personal hygiene are worth mentioning, because I so rarely do them, especially for work. The effort didn't go unnoticed, and I had three guys compliment me! Sheesh guys, I may do that again one of these days! (I won't.)

Work continued to be amazing, with grateful patients, happy doctors and a few my-belly-hurts-from-laughing laughs with my coworkers. It was spectacular.

After work we picked up our truck from the shop. Remember when we got stranded because the lights didn't work? Well, we finally got it fixed, and now the truck lights up like a Christmas tree. It's a beautiful thing. As soon as we had our newly lit-up truck, we took off on another house hunt.
I want to tell you all about it, but I have to get ready for work (maybe try that trick with the mascara again?).

So I will leave you with a few photos I took yesterday morning, where magic was in the air and fate told me loud and clear what we should do. 
And also with these clues:
We got an offer on our house. Boo-yah!!
We may just have found our dream place.
We are pretty pleased right now.

All the details to come soon!

Here's a short video of our walk yesterday. It was so amazing, I had actual tears of joy in my eyes. 
For real.

Love you!



  1. It's funny, that morning I had a deep sense of belonging. I was walking past one of the two houses we consider buying, and it felt right. I looked at it from the road, and just knew that this should be our new home. Well, 10 days later and we are still not closer to it - but I'm trusting that it will work out. That sense of belonging was too strong to be ignored. Universe, are you listening?

  2. Thank you sweet Liz!
    As we are nearing the last quarter of 2016, it has unfolded that your word of the year, "evolve", is fitting for my life as well. So many changes! So much soul-searching and thinking about/planning for the future! There is much evolving going on, and it's a painful, yet growing process.


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