Monday 1 September 2014

Lazy Labour Day

Just when I think I am a writer, words desert me. 
I feel speechless today, with lots of jostled thoughts in my head that I can't string together into orderly sentences. There are 12 started posts in my Drafts box (12!), I have lots of ideas, but I cannot for the life of me organize them into something tangible. Ergo this post (#13 - lucky or unlucky?), because sometimes when you feel like you cannot write, you have to write your way out of it. 

I was supposed to go fishing today, but totally bailed. You see, yesterday there was a party. It was one of those exceptional evenings where you have no expectations, but it turns into a magical night. Everything was just right: The day was prettier than predicted, the conversation flowed easily, there was lots of laughter, excellent food and wine. Oh, the wine: that's the reason why I'm so speechless and sluggish today.

On this labour day I have done anything but any labour. I have numbed my brain with episode after episode of Weeds (so addicted to the show, I'm on the 4th season now), dragged my sorry ass out for a walk with the dogs, and attempted (and abandoned) to install Disqus (for you non-bloggers: it's a commenting system). Apart from that I have tried (unsuccessfully) to continue any of the 12 posts in my drafts box, and Lily destroyed one of my sandals. I guess you can't win at life every day?

Lily helped me walk Snowy. What a gem (and devil - I haven't forgotten the sandal just yet).

The reason I am trying to produce something here is two-fold: a) I need to feel in some way productive today. b) A year ago I participated in Blogtember (a write-every-weekday-challenge), which marked a big change for this little old blog. I got a lot more exposure than I had had before that challenge, and felt like I was slowly finding my voice.
Last September was a great writing month, and I'm simply hoping this one will be equally productive. 

Tonight we have received a spontaneous dinner invitation from friends, and I better get ready for that. I love people who feed me!

I hope you had a productive - or relaxing, whatever floats your boat - day today!

Happy September, Miriam

P.S. I just came across another September blog-every-day challenge! Is that kismet or what??

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your weekend :) sorry about your sandal.

  2. I totally understand these types of moods - I've got a head full of posts that I haven't even taken the initiative to get down on paper yet!
    In regards to wine...well...studies DO show that it has health benefits. Live long and prosper...and drink wine :)

    Also, can I just say THANK YOU for NOT installing Disqus? It seems like every blog that has disqus installed makes it a pain to figure out HOW to comment! I follow a few bloggers who use it and I have yet to figure out how to post comments on their blogs. Can I throw my two sense out there and say I love your blog the way it is???
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    ~ Samantha

  3. Hi Miriam! So glad to meet you. Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. I haven't seen Weeds - it's on my list of shows that I should watch.

  5. lazy days are the best days, if you ask me. especially when they are lazy because of a great party the day before ^^ i'm looking forward to all your september posts!

  6. Stop it right now... Lily "holding" the leash is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!! hahahah :D

  7. Any day that involves a walk with those dogs is a good day. I hope you are feeling less sluggish as the week progresses!


  8. I love the picture of Lily holding the leash!!! Too cute!


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