Friday 20 March 2015

Day of happiness!

First day of spring

Spring is here! It's a beautiful thing. Google informed me that today is the International Day of Happiness, which prompted me to assemble a completely random list of things that are making me happy currently: 

This video of pets interrupting yoga (thanks for sharing, Mariah!). 
Pets interrupting yoga

This post by The Pioneer Woman - just look at that amazing photo:
Horses by The Pioneer Woman
Image by Ree Drummond

Mantra bands
Choose joy; live what you love; never give up.

Waiting for this fun gadget from Photojojo:
The Gorillapod for mobile phones! (source)

Going to see Insurgent tomorrow with my friend (yummy Theo James - do I need to say more?):

Spring fashion from ModCloth:
ModCloth spring fashion

This challenge on Instagram that is responsible for my renewed love affair with fitness and yoga:
Journey to handstand Instagram challenge

And, as always, these guys: 
Farmer and his dogs
My farmer and our dogs

What makes you happy?



  1. Happy first day of Spring M!!! I love that Spring is here. I've already been feeling much more motivated, productive and in a better mood this month. I'm happy I finally got my haircut and it was not scary, which is silly but I just feel better I have that done and I liked the stylist. I have weird anxiety about picking new stylists and doctors. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I saw the picture of you on Instagram, you look great! So happy you found a stylist you like, that can be SO hard. Spring always energizes me as well, it's as if new life is being breathed into old routines.
    I wish you a kickass weekend as well!!

  3. Happy ️Spring! <---- I have no idea why autocorrect is making this giant space. Anyway, I just purchased a tripod too! It has not arrived yet. I am patiently waiting as I am told est delivery 3/25-4/10. I ordered it on 2/27 via Amazon! Like I said... Patiently waiting. LOL

  4. The waiting is the worst. Hopefully they will arrive soon for both of us, should be a total game changer for taking our yoga videos!

  5. Yoooour dogs are killing me with cuteness! What a lovely post :-) What makes me happy are weekends of not doing anything just partying and seeing friends and family. I need more of those, but back to reality tomorrow.

  6. Those kinda weekends you're describing are lovely! Unfortunately, way too short usually. Yup, back to the grind tomorrow *sigh*

  7. Sooooo much happiness!! Happy spring, friend!

  8. I hope you liked- Insurgent! I have yet to see it, but I know how the series ends (at least in the books). Your babies (dogs) are too adorable!!

  9. I loved it! The movie was incredible, I can't recommend it enough. Go and see it!!

  10. Happy spring to you too, Amy!


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