Thursday 19 March 2015

Style: Oops, I did it again

Boyfriend jeans. They sound so fashionable, don't they? Whenever I see them expertly styled on someone else, I want a pair. In my mind they exude confidence, casualness, and a cool-chick vibe. So I go to the store, try them on, believe the image I see in the cleverly slimming mirror they use in the fitting rooms (whoever came up with that idea is a evil genius), and buy them. The rude awakening comes at home when I put them on again: they don't look cool on me - they look like mom jeans!  

This is the second time this happened. I did the same thing last year in the spring, which makes me wonder if the pollen in the air can be made responsible? Maybe they cause an annual temporary insanity, resulting in the impulsive buying of mom jeans disguised as their younger and much cooler cousins boyfriend jeans.

No matter though. They are the perfect jeans for the farm, and as it turns out, easy to move in as well.
One-legged wheel fashiOHM
Case in point. As moveable as yoga pants!
Sorry that my yoga is showing again; I'm obsessed. I may as well call my blog Yoga Farm Girl/Dog lover wearing the occasional Dress and be done with it. It would take the guesswork out of what my blog is all about these days.

Handstand fashiOHM
The dreaded flat mom-butt is showing.
Here it is from the other side. Also: is this a wedgie?
Boat pose fashiOHM
Certainly comfy, though!
Yoga prayer pose
Quietly chanting to myself: "I will not buy boyfriend jeans ever again..."
Side plank fashiOHM
"...until next year."

Boyfriend shorts: Old Navy; top: gift (cute bow-top here); booties: Target (similar)

Do you have fashion items you repeatedly buy despite your better knowledge? What is your opinion on boyfriend jeans?

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  1. I have those same Target booties and they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes ever!


  2. I think you are rocking those boyfriend jeans!! The dainty/feminine top balance 'em out well!

  3. Haha!! I love the yoga poses, as always. And boyfriend jeans - ugh. They look so cool --- on the model. Not on me. They are comfy though! I went through a phase where I couldn't resist buying tube tops, even though I'm seriously not comfortable wearing them. So I'd buy these strapless shirts and they would never see the light of day. Thankfully, I've outgrown that phase.

  4. Mine, too! They were the last pair on the shelf, just waiting for someone to take them home. I'm so glad I did! They feature a LOT in my outfit posts, because I wear them all.the.time.
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Boyfriend or mom jeans - tomato, tomah-to, right? Either way I'll be wearing them, they are so darn comfortable! Thanks Linds!

  6. My predicament exactly; hopefully this time I have learnt my lesson?! It's doubtful though, clever advertising and great camera angles will get me again in the future. Oh well!
    You have a wonderful weekend as well, happy spring!

  7. Haha, yup I feel ya! I'm the same with strapless dresses, I bought a few that I pretty much never wore because I feel so uncomfortable in them - always worried they may fall down. You are lucky you are past that! I'm still struggling... ;-)

  8. spent a night in Vancouver this week ( stuck on my way to Whitehorse) so jealous of your weather. I love my boyfriend jeans but you have to find the right ones. Deb at Fashion Fairy Dust recommended sizing up two sizes to get the real look, try that next time

  9. Good tip, I will. Thanks Linda!
    Spring has been good to us already this year, I hope it will come to you, too!

  10. I love seeing your new yoga passion coming through :) It's great getting to see your excitement. I have no fashion opinions, I'm a tried and true girl when it comes to clothing. Buying new jeans and bathing suits are probably my two most dreaded clothing purchases.

  11. Oh yes, bathing suit shopping - it's a very special form of hell. Yikes, so awful.
    Yoga is my lover, and a potential life changer - I can feel it in my finger tips! Can't stop, won't stop! ;-)


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