Wednesday 11 March 2015

Life ain't easy + Let's grow together {Link-up #10}

This week's link-up is showing up fashionably late. First she couldn't decide what to wear, then her hair was unmanageable, and then she threw a temper tantrum and needed to calm down. Such a diva.

Joking aside, life really got in the way. It has a tendency to turn your little world upside down once in a while, just to remind you of who's boss. It ain't you, that's for sure.
In the five days since our return from vacation (has it really been only five days? It feels like years, seriously) these things happened:

You realize that your beloved husband and your dear, yet at times extremely aggravating mother-in-law have more in common than you ever believed possible. Much more. 

Your beloved dog (the one who was soexcitedtoseeyou) is pouting because she once again has to live as a house dog. Mind, a house dog who gets to play on the farm for hours every day in addition to being walked. While we were away she got a taste of being an outside dog 24/7, and apparently she got hooked. So now she makes certain to let me know that she doesn't approve of a mere human trying to call the shots once again. The other day I got home, and she did not get off the couch to greet me. Things are getting ugly.

Someone in your house (who shall remain nameless) decides to leave a #2-present in the only bathroom in the house minutes before you have to leave for work and need to get ready. Rude.

Someone in your house (who shall remain nameless) asks you daily if you have printed the vacation photos yet, despite your repeated reassurances that you will do it on Wednesday (as in today. Better get on that.)

There have been so.many.people in your house as of late, you feel like you are running a hotel. No more talking please!

The pile of dishes never diminishes, no matter how many times you stock and empty the dishwasher.

The pile of laundry never diminishes, no matter how many times you load the washing machine.

Your fish died.

A patient at work grabbed your bum. Not cool.

You are late with your link-up, and have no photos for this post! Things are getting dire around here.

How is your week treating you so far? Are you in control of your life, or is it the other way around?

Tell me something nice! Link up below.

Farm Girl



  1. deep breath...... ok now exhale.. sounds like an exhausting week, take care and link up tomorrow LOL

  2. Girl, I don't know how you do it. Your fish died? That may have been my breaking point. I hope you didn't yell at me through the phone when you saw my tweet 😉. Deep breaths. Things will get back to normal soon.

  3. Ok...let's put a positive spin on things here, Farm Girl:

    1. You have a husband. The search is over!

    2. You have a dog. An adorable, fluffy, cuddly cutie.

    3. You SAW the #2 present instead of just stepping in it (yuck).

    4. You have photos to print from an awesome vacay that you just took!!!

    5. You are so totally popular...people just love being around your kicka** personality!

    6. You have a dishwasher and aren't stuck sponge-and-soapin' it.

    7. That pile of laundry is full of amazingly unique Miriam clothes that make all of her readers jealous. A pile of style, if you will.

    8. Fish don't smell all that great anyway. He's in a better place.

    9. Your patient saw you and thought, "Look at dat ass!" Accept the compliment ;)

    10. Your link-up is fashionably late and people will actually read it now that they have made it through the somewhat ridiculous "How was your weekend?" rush of blogs that always come on Monday and take two days to read anyway. Wednesdays are much better!

    11. This girl loves reading your blog :) Stay positive!

    ~ Samantha

  4. It can be hard to get back into the swing of things after vacation :) I'm sure Lily will get it together soon, Sam usually pouts for a day or two after being at the kennel for more than a day or two. Sounds like you need a by yourself vacation!

  5. Omg! Last week a pt grabbed my bum too! I screamed at him, I was so flibbin angry!
    He apologized but I did not accept. It really rattled me, I was shaking after. It made me self conscious all week!

  6. Definitely one of the less pleasant aspects of our job. I wasn't rattled as much as annoyed. How dare he!

  7. I'm happy to report that today was actually the first day where she's been back to normal again. She's once again my little shadow, phew! :-)

  8. Hahaha, look at you turning my frown upside down. Love it!!! You are the best cheerleader EVER, Samsam! Thank you so very much for this, totally cheered me up!

  9. No worries, I was actually really happy that someone noticed that the link-up wasn't up! Made me feel good.
    Lily is thankfully back to normal, which cheered me up considerably, and all the nice comments on the blog (like yours!) did the rest. This is such a wonderful community! Feeling blessed.

  10. Haha, will do! Thank you Linda! Today was already better, I had the day off and Lily has forgiven me. Onwards and upwards!

  11. I let go of things being in order since I came back from Mexico, laundry will have to wait. Foreeeeeever.

  12. Hehe YES!
    I finally got around to do mine yesterday (day off work, wohoo!) and it feels amazing. Zen is restored! ;-)

  13. Ah man. That is a whole lot of wrong in 5 days. BUT - I read today's post so I know Lily is coming around to being a house dog again. The laundry and dishes will get done (wouldn't it be nice if houseguests would earn their keep by taking care of said laundry and dishes?). And you would never grab someone's butt, which makes you a normal and nice human being, unlike the patient who obviously just couldn't resist your hotness. :) (But really dude. Resist next time.)

  14. Today is the last day of company, we drop her off at the airport tomorrow :-) We've had almost 7 weeks of house guests this year, crazy! I barely remember what it felt like with just Rich, Lily and me in the house - will find out after tomorrow. Yay!

  15. He was one of those inexplicable people who do random acts of stupidity.
    I'm just so happy that Lily is back to normal! I guess change isn't easy for humans and dogs alike. Our guest leaves tomorrow, which will simplify life again I hope!


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