Monday 25 May 2015

Family comes in many forms

Dogs playing.

I have just finished the last episode of Drop Dead Diva on Netflix, and as you know, whenever that happens you feel bereft. Especially since I know there is at least one more season out there, it just hasn't made it to Netflix yet. Gawd, what did we do before Netflix? I'm sure life had more meaning.

Anyway, one of the plotlines of that last episode had to do with an Amish client and his shunned son. The son fell in love with a non-Amish girl during rumspringa and left his Amish community to live with her, being excluded from his family as a consequence. It got me thinking about families, and to what lengths we would go for love.  

My furry Corgi daughter and me.

Families don't just come in one version. You don't have to be related by blood to feel related to someone; if you love someone unconditionally, you are family.

My German family story is not one filled with stars and fire works; it is flawed, like all family stories.

Mason jar magic
Chickens by the pond

But together with my husband, we have created our own little peace of heaven.
We have this idyllic little spot of paradise here, with our own family that is compiled of many furry, feathered members who we love to hang out with in our spare time. 

Proud peacock
Corgi and chick
Corgi and chick
Peacock chick
This is one of our latest members of the family, a little peacock chick. She was a bit freaked out by Lily's close inspection, and ran as fast as her little feet would carry her to mom. 
Peahen and her babies
"Come back to safety, little one!"
peahen and her babies
And off they went.
"What? I just wanted to smell her."
Collie and Corgi
I love my furry children. 
Great Pyrenees
Blue Heeler puppy
Look how big Miss Nina is getting! She's 14 weeks old now.
Hammock magic

It's a magical place where chickens hang out with dogs, and where a boy and a girl love each other very much. (I have been listening to Taylor Swift nonstop for the last two hours, so please excuse my sappiness. It's her fault.) 

If relationships in your life aren't how you would like them to be, here is one thing I have learnt: You can't force someone to love you. If they don't, there is nothing in the world you can do to change that. However, you are not powerless. Be the kindest you you can be, create your own happy circle, and gain strength and happiness from that.
Maybe they will come to you one day; and if not, be grateful for the people (and animals) in your life that love you, and love them right back.




  1. I think that is so true Miriam. We have the power to build our own loving supporting community wherever we go. I could totally relate to your story, because I too moved away because of love and I haven't regretted this one single moment! We have built the love and life we wanted :) You are my inspiration really!

  2. Love this post Miriam. Family is all around us, and often comes in the least expected forms. I sometimes find myself wondering if I'm doing the right thing but not growing a traditional family....but deep down I know this is the right choice for us, this is our happiness!

  3. That peacock is gorgeous! And the chicks are so cute! You guys seem to have quite the happy life with each other and all of your loveable, fuzzy extended family :)

  4. Great message! You have a fantastic farm family.
    Also, I had no idea that baby peacocks look like that. I don't know what I expected though.... Isn't it strange to be surprised about something you never even considered?

  5. Not at all, we do it all the time! Consciously or subconsciously, we paint pictures in our mind of how things should look like. I was convinced they had little crowns on their heads, and even after seeing that they don't right away, I still described them to ppl that way. Crazy!

  6. Animals are great for the soul. It's impossible not to relax around them! And dogs love so unconditionally, it's wonderful to have so much love in our lives.❤

  7. I know the struggle, I really do! Having an unconventional family means that you keep encountering people who question your choices, don't understand or think you are wrong. Even if you know that it is right for you, it will get to you from time to time. Here's the thing though: at the end of the day we won't be happy with doing things to placate other people, to satisfy their expectations or to "fit in". Stay true to yourself, and you will find your peace and happiness!

  8. Oh Isabel, that's so nice of you to say that! I think you and I (and our amazing men) realized that NOT moving for love would have been something we would have regretted for the rest of our lives. You don't find true love every day, when you do, you have to grab it and hold on tight! :-)


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