Thursday 7 May 2015

Style: Plaid for the farm? Groundbreaking.

Farm Girl relaxing
Sometimes I'm as predicable as they come. Girl living on a farm, dressed in cut off denim overalls and plaid? Groundbreaking. (Bonus points if you know the movie this quote is adapted from.) I can't help it, I love plaid! If that makes me a cliché, so be it. 

After a cold snap over the last week, the temperatures are finally on the rise again! The weather is simply glorious, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. So please excuse me, but my hammock is calling. Have a lovely Friday's eve my friends! I hope you get to play in the sun.    

Plaid, cut-off overalls and Swedish Hasbeens

Mason jar love

Stop and smell the flowers

Plaid shirt: H&M (similar); cut off denim overalls: Winners (similar here); shoes: Swedish Hasbeens; bracelets: Mantraband; sunnies: old (I want these ones for only $6.90!); mason jar: available pretty much everywhere, i.e. Target

Farm Girl uniform



  1. Those denim overall shorts are PERFECT! I've been thinking that I couldn't pull those off again (hello 8 year old me!) but I like that you've worn the shirt OVER them! I think I could get away with that!

  2. Just perfection! Absolutely adorable!!!

  3. Such a fun look! The short overalls are just too cute! Love them paired with the plaid.

  4. Love the plaid shirt over the short overalls!! Too cute. The farm look suits you so you obviously live in the RIGHT environment.

  5. Isn't it beautiful when life and fashion come together? Life is great sometimes.

  6. Thank you! Fun and easy, just what I like :-)

  7. Your link up IS fun! I'm looking forward to it every week. :-)

  8. Absolutely, go for it! Whatever makes you feel good is good for you!

  9. Seriously clicked over to your site because I loved the title. So clever! Your outfit is too cute! I'm still deciding whether or not I can pull off overalls.

  10. Yes, you can. Overalls are like maxi dresses: everybody can pull them off! Thanks so much for stopping by! :-)


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