Monday 27 July 2015


I turned my face towards the sun, eyes closed, breathing in deeply. After the morning's heavy rain, the air was fresh and clean and smelled intoxicating. A light breeze blew gently across my face, tousling my hair softly.
Opening my eyes and looking around me, at the dogs, the gaggle of geese making their way noisily to the pond, and the blue sky above, I was filled with gratitude.

I sleepily sat down in front of my computer, a cup of hot coffee by my side, opening my emails. There it was, nestled amongst the usual junk: A reader comment. One that was so uplifting, genuine, positive and encouraging, a huge happy grin spread across my face, and I had to blink tears of joy away. Berit, thank you for that.

A Saturday spent playing games with friends. So unlike me, yet so much fun. Trying new things pays off more often than not.

A Sunday morning spent in bed with two dogs, drinking coffee and reading till noon.

A tight hug, brilliant blue eyes looking at me, the love in them so obvious, so precious. A whispered "I love you so much."

Being struck by an idea that sends a jolt of energy through me, filling me with excitement and the feeling of truly being alive.

Off to an adventure today with a close friend, facing fears and chasing the adrenaline rush.

Yesterday I was struck by a thought: "This is my happily ever after." And a feeling of deep gratitude filled me. For this life I have, full of love, possibilities, dreams and happiness.
Sure, it has its share of problems and annoyances, like every life.

But it is the life I always wanted.

The overwhelming feeling I have is one of possibility: Of being able to do whatever I want. Is there a better feeling in the world? I doubt it.
Now I'm asking you: What is it that you want? What makes you happy? Excited? Bursting with gratitude?
Go for it. Remember, all limitations can be overcome. Most limits are made by ourselves, as a result of fear and a lack of imagination.  
You can do this!

I'm rooting for you.


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