Friday 10 July 2015

My first scrapbook

Blogging does weird things to you. Like inspire you to try new things you never dreamed of doing. Case in point: Scrapbooking. I have never been much of a DIY girl, and it never crossed my mind to sit down and scrapbook.

But a few weeks ago my husband and I were sitting under the willow tree, happy as clams, and he said to me: "Miri, we have to remember these days. They are the happiest days of our lives!" I pointed out that I take a lot of pictures, for the purpose of documenting them and preserving the memories. 
However, how much good are photos when they are only in digital form? I share some here on this blog, and do a photobook once in a while (usually from vacations we have been on), but the everyday snaps from our life were only found on the computer.

So I decided right then and there to change that. I remembered The Lady Okie doing something called "Project Life", and went through her archives to find the posts on that. Thanks for helping a sister out Amanda!

What I like about the "Project Life" format is how easy it all is. I didn't want to start anything too complicated, because knowing myself I would abandon it halfway through if it was too much work.
So I ordered this albumthis "core kit" (which includes a ton of cards to write on or simply place in between your photos) and the pocket pages (includes 60 pages). If you purchase all three they give you a 20%-discount, so I paid $70.00 in total (shipping is free within the US).

I got all the pictures I wanted printed at London Drugs, and then tackled this project like my life depended on it. I finished all six months in four days!
Having this blog was a tremendous help, as was my day planner where I write all work-related stuff and social events.

I will continue the project by documenting the rest of the year month by month, which will be easier. What I noticed is that I never take pictures when we meet friends, which is partly due to the fact that our "older" friends don't ever do that, coming from a social media-free generation.
The other reason is that I thought it pointless when I can't post it online, which I wouldn't do since it's not their thing. But now I can take pictures for the scrapbook! 

I'm thrilled with the result. Here is to making 2015 unforgettable!

Do you scrapbook? I would love to see some of your pages! Please link in the comments if you do. 


I am not being compensated for writing this post. I simply shared it because I love it!



  1. I love these! I love the way the pages make it so easy to put everything together for people who are just too busy and do it with all of the little paper cutouts and stuff. I used to scrapbook like crazy in middle and high school and have several of those huge books that I used to lug around move after move until I just dropped them back off in my childhood bedroom. I would spend hours hunched over in the floor, glueing and cutting and sticking things all over pages. This seems like such a better option now!

  2. This looks so great, I am thinking I really want to start something like this when we move!

  3. Ah! I looooove it! You are doing such a great job! I'm so excited you're loving scrap booking so far!

  4. What a neat idea! I always think I'd like to start scrapbooking (if only I had the time!) and always justify NOT doing so because of my blog...but there's definitely something to be said for the actual photos :) It sounds like you've found quite a lovely new hobby!!
    ~ Samantha

  5. wow, this looks great!! all the pictures together make such beautiful, colorful pages. i'm inspired!

  6. I love this! Your pictures should be printed and shared. You have a great talent for capturing the moment. My sister is big on scrapbooking. She has a personal space in her basement fully equipt with a Cricket and everything. She makes beautiful books for baby and wedding gifts or framed pages for friends and family.

  7. I have a friend who scrapbooks Christmas cards and they look a-mazing. I never had enough patience to do the whole cutting and glueing thing. But sticking photos into pockets, that I can do! I love the simplicity of it.

  8. Go for it! It's really relaxing, and such a great way to preserve memories.

  9. Thanks for the inspiration Amanda! I love how easy it is, and how nice it looks. I hadn't heard of Project Life before you introduced it on your blog. Thanks! ❤

  10. Yes, I have! And nobody is more surprised about it than I am. But it's great having an old-fashioned photoalbum like our parents used to :-)

  11. That's awesome! I'm loving it, and it's wonderful to have a book to look through.

  12. I'm definitely not that advanced! One of my friends does that too, she has a ton of stuff, it looks complicated. So far I'm happy just putting my photos together, it's so much fun!

  13. I really love this scrap book idea! I love that is more on just simple "photo album" style, but still gives some creative freedom. But, at the same time you're not left to figure it out totally on your own. All the scrap books I've done are totally unguided, and to be honest it stresses me out sometimes! lol
    Keep up the good work!

  14. Great job! It looks terrific and I'm so glad you're enjoying it. What fun the books will be to flip through in the future!

  15. I hear ya! Scrapbooking was always quite intimidating to me, because you need way too much stuff, a special room if you're serious about it, and a ton of creativity...
    This is easy, and that's what I love about it!

  16. Exactly! Preserving memories has become somewhat of an obsession of mine, because I don't trust my faulty brain to do the job properly ;-)


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