Wednesday 15 July 2015

These are the days...

... of a seemingly never-ending, wonderful summer
... of spontaneous sushi dates
... of having wine nights on warm evenings
... of tired puppies who played all day long
... of walks in shorts and flip-flops
... of feeling sore every day and loving it
... of dinners and BBQs with friends
... of hanging out with birds
... and dogs
... of watching Orange Is the New Black
... of Instagram challenges

... and fun with friends I have never met in real life
... of writing at home and at work
... of being happy.

How is your summer?



  1. Your summer sounds amazing! Yay for happiness!!

  2. You made me so happy with this post! Your puppies are adorable and I wish I was able to spend as much time outdoors enjoying the fresh air and good vibes! :)

  3. I love those wineglasses, I have a history of knocking them over but those seem they would be safe from my flailing arms.

  4. Sweet summertime!! Keep soaking it up!

  5. It has been so unusually dry and sunny for months now that it's easy to pretend we live in southern California instead of BC, Canada. Living is easy in a summer like that!

  6. A simple life=a happy life. Having dogs is life having a happiness potion: they give us so much love and adoration every day, you can't help but feel good :-)

  7. They are, they are plastic! Totally flailing arms-safe haha!
    I bought them as our outdoor glasses, and also because they are nice and big :-P
    Happy Birthday Bailie!!

  8. I most definitely will :-)


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