Saturday 4 July 2015

Upside down life

Today I'm checking in again with my next yoga progress report. I have decided to do this at the beginning of each month, to stay motivated and accountable. 

2015 is the year of the handstand for me, as in, I want to learn how to do a straight, unsupported, kickass handstand. I have never been able to do it, but I am determined to learn! 
I practice (almost) daily, not only handstands, but lots of different balance and core strengthening poses. Let me show you a few: 

Headstand splits
Hanumanasana I in Sirsasana I
Headstand is a great preparation towards handstand. I only learnt to do it this way a little while ago - before that I always did the somewhat easier tripod headstand. Since I also want to be able to do a full split one day I try to do some stretches every day towards that goal. 

This was my inspiration:
Imagine found here
There's definitely room for improvement - splits seem impossible for me, but I keep on working towards it. 

Peacock pose
Peacock pose
I am thrilled about this one! It's super hard, and I can only hold it for a couple seconds, but it's progress. 
Here is a video where Kino explains how to do this pose:

Flying pigeon
Eka Pada Galavasana
I'm just learning to do this one, because you need fairly open hips and open hips are my nemesis. Nevertheless, I'm starting to take flight, which is exciting! Richard's comment when I showed him and told him the name of the pose was this: "Soon we can sell all our pigeons and exhibit you at the show." Hardy har har. 
Here is the video that I used to learn how to get into the pose:

One legged arm balance
Yoga arm balance
I don't know if this is a real yoga pose and if it has a name. If you know what it's called, please tell me! 
This one is easier than it looks! I found a YouTube video once that explained this pose, but despite searching for an hour, I can't find it any more.
If you want to try, let me explain how to do this one: From downward-facing dog, you bend the left leg and bring it forward to the outside of the left arm. Your right upper arm and elbow are the "shelf" for your body and what's carrying you, so you have to firmly place them under your core. Now lift your right leg, and you're flying! Repeat for the other side.  

One legged Crow
One-legged crow pose
Eka Pada Bakasana
Don't mind the belly rolls. I may love to yoga, but I also love to eat.
Don't be fooled by the photo and think I can hold this for any amount of time, because I can't. You need an extraordinary amount of core strength for it that I don't yet possess. But it's so much fun!
Take a look at this video that makes it look deceptively easy:

Life looks better upside down! Have you tried it? 
Thanks for letting me share part of my yoga practice!

P.S. My pants are from The Elephant Pants website, they are only $18 and so light and comfy! Perfect for this heat wave we are having.



  1. You'll get it!!! I'm so impressed Miriam. Keep on practicing.

  2. I am so impressed with your handstand! I can't do one even a little bit! They are so hard! Keep up the awesome job :)

  3. I'm so impressed with all of these M!! They look so good!! You can totally see a difference too in your back/arm muscles since you started.

  4. Holy cow, those are impressive. Way to go :)!

  5. Look at you go!!! I decided LITERALLY this morning that I want to take a break from working out at the gym and get into yoga. Like....actually do it this time. I'm always looking to mix things up and I think trying out yoga and putting away my NIKEs will be good for me :) Definitely wanting to add some balance into my life and turn things upside-down!
    PS those pants are phenomenal <3
    ~ Samantha

  6. They feel phenomenal, too! With each purchase they donate $1 or $2 towards saving the elephants, which is such a good cause.

    I'm super excited that you want to give yoga a try!! I stay motivated with yoga challenges on Instagram, where the hosts post a picture every day and you do the same. The one I'm doing every month is hosted by Kino MacGregor (, who is insanely fit and amazing. Like I mentioned in my tweet, I check all her videos for poses on YouTube ( For the most part I make up my own practice, but for inspiration I watch tons of videos; a great beginner channel is Yoga with Adrienne (

    I also signed up with Do you Yoga ( where you can find lots of articles, workout inspiration and videos.

    Good luck!!

  7. Thank you! I totally notice my fashion sense changing, I'm gravitating more towards bohemian, hippie-inspired clothes these days.
    Yoga has become my daily joy, I actually crave it if I haven't done it for more than 24 hours. It's a bizarre and utterly amazing feeling!

  8. Thank you! It's true what they say: Practice, and it will come :-)

  9. Aww, thanks M :-) I feel stronger, which is awesome. And it doesn't really feel like exercise, which I think is the secret for me for sticking with it haha! Getting on the mat helps me to think things over, get perspective and figure stuff out. The physical benefits are the cherry on top!

  10. Thanks Amanda!! I keep telling myself it's like learning how to walk, we all did it at some point and figured it out. It's a mind game haha!

  11. Can't stop, won't stop, it's too much fun! Thanks S. The best part is how it helps me dealing with the rest of my life, it totally calms my mind and soothes the soul. It's so addictive, and I love it!

  12. I'm so impressed by your progress!! Look at that arm strength. Awesome. Keep up the great work!

  13. Thanks Miriam!!! Definitely will be looking into this tonight after work :)

  14. You are a ROCKSTAR! Being a dance teacher, I know a little yoga but no where near the advanced poses like you're doing. I would love to get into it more... do you have any resources you would recommend? p.s. thanks so much for linking up with the Collective, followed you back on Bloglovin'!

  15. I'm always looking for a new perspective on life...I might just have to try this one out!

  16. Thanks my friend! I'm so addicted to being upside down, I couldn't stop if I wanted to haha :-)

  17. YouTube videos are my go-to, mostly Kino MacGregor's channel
    I stay motivated with Instagram challenges, where your host posts a yoga pose every day and you try to copy it. There's a huge yoga community on Instagram, and I find it really inspiring! Good luck!!

  18. Thanks Mary! I wouldn't have rekindled my passion for yoga without you, I owe you BIG!

  19. Do it! It literally turns your frown upside down haha!


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