Saturday 25 July 2015

What nobody tells you about puppies

If you are like me, joyful images will flood your mind upon hearing the word "puppy": Of happy, lively, adorable and cuddly little furballs, eager to love us with every fibre of their being.
You may think that they are cute:
Just look at those ears! Batgirl, only cuter.
You may think that they are the sweetest creatures on earth:
Puppy hug 
You may think that they are playful: 
Dancing dogs
Obviously, you are right. 

But also wrong.

There is another side to puppies: The wild side in them. They descended from wolves after all! They are wild beasts.

After patiently watching our puppy for ages*, I was fortunate enough to see her show her wild side:
The predator. 

*About 5 minutes.
Spying her prey in the distance.
She lies down in anticipation, waiting for her prey to get closer.
"Come, sweet collie, come here!"
Suddenly, she pounces!
Nina is on the attack.
She tries to tackle her prey. 
But she doesn't give up. 
Suddenly, Phoebe lies down.
(Playing with a puppy is hard work.)
Is there another chance to tackle her...?
Nope. Phoebe is boss.
Sleepy time.

Never underestimate the wild side in any of us.
Happy weekend my friends!



  1. Dear Berit,

    I hope you will get this message. Your kind comment meant the world to me! I printed it out and read it probably 10 times, and it made me so happy I wanted to cry (happy tears!). Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

    You wrote that you hope you make me smile, and you sure did!!

    Thoughtful readers like you are what makes blogging so hugely rewarding. I still love it, and I am working on getting more consistency again. Summers are always a bit harder for consistent blogging, because the great outdoors beckons ;-)

    I also really want to thank you for mentioning my imaginary book. I say imaginary because I think about it daily, talk about it regularly, but do very little actual work - you asking is just the motivation/Tritt in den Hintern I needed!

    I'm so happy that you and your husband liked my adopted country. I hope you will get to visit again soon and explore Beautiful BC!

    Thank you again SO much for your wonderful comment.

    Lots of love, Miriam ♥

    P.S. I wish I could reply to you directly, but since I can't I'm really hoping you get to hear how much your words meant to me! xoxo

  2. There's definitely a wild side to puppies ( all of us, really!) and it always amazes me how different they are when they're in Wild Mode than when they're in Cuddle Mode. Your dogs are so beautiful and you are so lucky to have these incredible animals! #LifeGoals
    Have a great Sunday!
    ~ Samantha


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