Thursday 16 July 2015

If clothes could talk...

... what stories would they tell?
This is what I want to find out.

Clothes are something I will always love: They have cheered me up ever since I was old enough to put an outfit together, and have the power to turn a blah day into an exciting one. When I was younger I would leaf through clothing catalogs for hours, dog-earing the pages of the outfits I liked to cut out later.
For my birthday and Christmas I would make elaborate wish lists, complete with the pictures of the clothes I wanted pasted on it, with the order number conveniently written below to make the ordering process for my parents as easy as possible.

I have entire vacations memorized by what I wore:
Sweden in 1995 was the summer of long, flowing skirts, crotched vests and Swedish clogs.
France in 1997 was all about the mini skirts and short tops.
England in 1998 I loved flatform shoes, skintight pants and homemade bracelets.
Starting in 1999 I went through a somewhat butchy phase (coinciding with a 20-pound weight gain) and I wore baggy army cargo pants (to hide the weight gain) with tight tops (to still look girly) and Buffalo platform sneakers (it was the time of the Spice Girls).

What I'm trying to say is, I like clothes. They are fun, let me express who I am, and make me happy.
Doing outfit posts, however, lost its appeal for me. I haven't done an outfit post in 10 weeks, because I didn't feel like it.
Interestingly enough, it has also affected how I dress lately: I have become lazy. There is a closet full of pretty clothes in my house, yet I have been rotating the same three outfits over the last few weeks: denim shorts and one of my variety of tank tops; my favourite maxi dress; leggings and one of my variety of tank tops (who am I?). Yawn.

In order to fall back in love with my wardrobe, and to include more fashion on the blog once again, I came up with an idea.
How about I pick an item of clothing/outfit, and let it tell its story? A lot of my things are several years old, and looking at them reminds me fondly of the times and occasions I wore them.

Today I want to start with a pair of shoes that have become my "going out" shoes: My baby-blue Swedish Hasbeens Mimmi slingbacks. Take it away, Mimmi!

Ciao bellas, Mimmi here.

I joined Miriam last year in the spring, and I have to say, life is sweet. She has a tendency to abuse other shoes (her work clogs look horrible), and when I saw the state of some of them I was quite concerned. However, 16 months in, and I'm still looking gorgeous! Wouldn't you agree?

She has taken me on some fun outings:
To her stepdaughter's high school graduation last year.
To her husband's 60th birthday dinner at the Banana Leaf Restaurant (it's one of her faves, and I like it too - the floors are nice and clean).
We went to see Walk Off the Earth together, which was not as sticky as I had feared because the concert was held at a theatre (You can read about it here.) And nobody stepped on me, my biggest worry - my bows are fragile.
She tends to retire me in the winter, which is a-okay with me. I am Italian, and I hate the cold. These soles were not made for slush and snow.

Miriam has recognized my delicate nature and takes me mostly out for dinner, the movies and the occasional party. Work is not my scene, neither are any strenuous activities. One time she tried to run with me - the horror! It was only to cross the street (I believe a car was coming rather fast), but still - I don't run. I slipped off her foot in protest, and she got the message not to do that again.
The other shoes have told me that I'm the one who gets to go to the city the most. No surprise there, since I'm clearly the most stylish and urban one. Poor souls seemed to be confused by it.

I like all things fun: Cocktails, eating out, pretty dresses, parties. You may call me frivolous, but you know what? The world needs shoes like me: the fabulous ones that add some sparkle and magic to the everyday.
Arrivederci bellas!


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  1. THOSE SHOES!! <3 What a great post! I love the idea of clothes telling a story - personification is the best! Personally I wish I could enjoy clothes. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to look cute, but over the past few years I've spent all of my time wearing either Starbucks/Target khaki-and-red/black or yoga pants or leggings with a blahh top to class. Come graduation in December (and hopefully a job), this gal is going shopping!!!
    ~ Samantha

  2. I'm slowly making my way back into fashion/outfits on the blog, and I will ALWAYS link up with you!

  3. Go for it! Clothes can be a lot of fun. I wear a uniform (of sorts) as well - scrubs at work, farm clothes (i.e. jeans and gum boots for months on end) at home. It's nice to play around with some more fun outfits!

  4. I love this!! How fun. Those shoes are one of my favorite items in your closet. :)


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