Wednesday 18 May 2016

Good things come in fives

Some days are so magical and special, they make you want to weep with joy. Your heart is full to bursting with happiness and gratitude to a point that it's actually exhausting.
Yesterday was such a day.

In the morning, I picked up my furry grandchild Roxanne, who came with a surprise goodie bag containing sour candy, chocolate and iced tea and a sweet note from one of my daughters (thank you again, it was much appreciated!).
We were going to spend the day with another one of the girls on Bowen Island, a small, beautiful island 20 minutes away from the mainland.

Is there anything better than seeing a loved one having found her place in the world? Seeing her healthy, happy, and full of appreciation for the life she has created for herself?

There is no better feeling in the world.

My beautiful mermaid-haired daughter has found her island, and she shared it with me yesterday.
We explored, ate, went for a hike, watched sea lions, visited her dogs (she works at a dog ranch, caring for dogs all day long; basically my dream job), and talked for hours. Seeing her so happy and at peace was absolutely beautiful to see. I caught myself several times just staring at her, marvelling at the woman she has become. She may not be my biological daughter, but I love her just the same.
Step-parent or "real" parent makes no difference when it comes to this: All we want for our kids is for them to be happy, healthy and safe. And she is all three of these things.

Bowen has a definite small-town feel to it. Wherever she went, people would greet her by name, and stop for a chat. Everybody wanted to know who I was and welcomed me warmly.

It's how Richard grew up, minus the hospitality extended towards strangers. Germans are much more reserved and suspicions of outsiders. Such a fun twist of fate that his daughter chose the same kind of small town life for herself, but friendlier.

Before I boarded the ferry for the trip back to my own happily-ever-after, her boyfriend took us out for dinner. Having kids and son-in-laws that are old enough to take you out will never get old for me. I love it!  
I made a little video, but I basically left out all the good stuff. My video-taking skills have a LOT of room for improvement haha! But it serves as a reminder of this magnificent day, and that's really all that counts. 

That was good thing number one. 
The other good things happened after: A much-anticipated (and delayed) cheque we really need right now finally arrived yesterday. I let out a whoop of joy when I saw it in our mailbox. 
I also found a surprise package in there from my sister. It contained a magazine and the sweetest handwritten letter from my 10-year old god-daughter. In my emotional state, it brought tears to my eyes. As much as I love living where I do, being so far away from them sucks sometimes. 

Good things four & five also came from other people: A really sweet note from a co-worker/friend who is such a wonderful person - cheerful, fun and kind.
And then this comment on my Tips for your yoga home practice  post:
"Some weeks ago, when I was new to your blog, I left a comment and you responded with this sentence: I hope I can continue to inspire and entertain. Truly, girl, you do, every day. Thanks to you I’m back in my home yoga practice, 30 minutes every other day. Following you on IG and seeing your amazing pictures and poses (seriously, what are they feeding you to get arm muscles like that?) has helped me along the way yoga-wise, and the insightful musings on the meaning of life give me peace of mind. Thank you for being here in this space and sharing your journey with us."

I am woefully unequipped to express my appreciation and gratitude for these kind words.
All I can say is that I am beyond touched, deeply humbled and so happy to share with other people the beauty of yoga and life.  

Believe in the goodness of life, and life will deliver.
Yesterday was a marvel, a day I will never forget. 

Thank you all for making my life so happy!



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