Monday 15 April 2013

Crazy in love

I'm not talking about my husband now (even though I still am and always will be crazy in love with him) or about the dogs (you know mama loooves you little smelly monsters!) but about my latest love/obsession - blogging.
This blog, my friends, has been up ONE.MONTH! Happy anniversary!
I didn't have cake, so I used the second best thing: Chinese pineapple bun. SO delish. With sprinkles to make it more festive.
 I'm in the first stage of new love. Besotted. You know that amazing feeling? When all you think about is that special person? Last thought before you fall asleep, first thought when you wake up. We have an expression in German when you are still in the stage where everything's wonderful: you are wearing a "rosarote Brille". Literally "rose-colored glasses" - this special filter that only lets you see the good, positive, endearing aspects of a person. And even the annoying traits are cute and adorable.
That's how I feel about blogging right now. Deep down I realize that this won't last, so I enjoy every minute of it as long as I can.
There's something magical about sitting down in front of the fireplace or on my bed, laptop on lap, and just letting your thoughts have their way with you. I could never do it on paper - there's total emptiness in my brain. But for some reason in front of a computer it all changes. I usually have some sort of idea what I wanna write about, but it's quite vague. Once I get started though it just kinda happens - my brain, fingers and keyboard have this secret connection and make words appear. I'm just along for the ride. Like I said, magical!
I feel like an explorer who just discovered a new world: a month ago I knew only one blog (A beautiful Mess - you girls inspired me to start this!), and now I discover new and exciting ones every day! My faves are posted on the right side (Blogs I love). I feel a kinship with all these peeps out there I have never met, but who share the same - do I dare call it passion? Maybe hobby is better. Yes, let's call it hobby for now.
It makes me wanna try new things, go on more adventures, say yes more often. (Not the old "I'm too tired" excuse again.)
And I really wanna learn how to use my camera (90% of all photos are taken with my cellphone right now).
So in this first stage of being crazy in love I feel like it will make me a better person! But you all know that this stage is a mirage and soon reality will catch up with me...
... until then I'm in la-la-land.
You should join me there, it's fun!
xo Miriam


  1. Hi Miriam!

    What a lovely blog you have here! Thank you for your sweet comment, I totally relate on the growing out your hair thing (I too was a victim of the infamous pixie cut)! And Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging was my absolute favourite book when I was a teen!

    Keep in touch!

    Mona x

    1. Thanks Mona! You are the FIRST person leaving a comment, my first blogger pal! You just made my day. Thank you Thank You THANK YOU! (Excuse the shouty letters, I'm just so excited.) This blogging business is awesome! Feeling all warm and fuzzy now.
      Miriam :-)

  2. I just adore you. Eleven months later and you still have the same love for this space (I heard it in your voice in your latest post). It's such a wonderful feeling isn't it :)


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