Saturday 6 April 2013

Saying goodbye to our camper

Our good old camper finally bit the dust. We bought it 6 years ago for $1,000 from a neighbor, and we had some great times with it. RIP camper!

I'm sure we will have another one again, hopefully soon, since road trips are our favourite kind of vacation.

Let's travel down memory lane together and re-visit some of our best camping trips:
This trip was memorable because it was so short: Earlier last year we had discovered this neat little campsite by Hope, complete with horse corrals, fire pits, outhouses and water for the horses. It was close to a lake and looked very pretty. We were so excited and decided to try it out one weekend. So in early September we took off, arriving at dusk, 3 horses and 2 dogs in tow. It was a beautiful night, wind rustling the trees, us all alone in the woods, just Richard and I and a bottle of wine. The stars out there are super-bright and twinkly, and we spent the evening star-gazing, petting the dogs, and chatting.

The next morning arrived bright and sunny, and we got out of the camper to water the horses. We were under attack! Mosquitos fell on us and the horses, hundreds and hundreds of them. Our grey Andalusian looked black he was so covered in mosquitos, and we got skeeters in our ears (disgusting!), on the head, hands, face ... every available piece of skin they could get to.
We threw everything back in the camper, loaded the horses up and hightailed it outta there!

On to Merritt...
In Merritt is our favourite camping spot to date. It is by a river, surrounded by wooded hills, lots of pine trees around. It's usually hot and sunny in the summer and fall and has that heavenly piney, woodsy, deserty smell in the air. You know the one I mean? Here I can fulfill my Wild West phantasy: There are real-life cowboys, stories around the campfire, rides on horseback, lazing around in the sun during the day. The perfect get-away!

In November 2007 we did an amazing road trip: 10 states in 14 days. Here are a few snapshots. 

Chief Joseph Highway, Richard's favourite, in Wyoming:
We loved the National Parks in Utah!

Can't wait for our next adventure!

Happy weekend, Miriam

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