Tuesday 30 April 2013

Curb-side treasure

The other day I took home my first piece of furniture left on the curb!
I have never done this before - normally I don't even notice them. But for some reason, this little corner-shelf just talked to me, pleading with me to "take me home! I'm in perfect condition, with lots of potential." What else could I do? I had to take it home. And not only that - I decided to attempt some DIY. Eeks!
I blame all the blogs I'm reading about thrifting, DIYing, crafting - must be contagious. The brown colour wasn't my fave, so I thought I would change it to white. Instead of painting I used spray paint, and it worked like a charm.
So happy about my little project!
Excuse the poor quality of the photos, I used my camera instead of my phone (always a problem for me) and the settings are all messed up - I will have to sit down with the instructions manual and try to figure it out.


xo Miriam

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