Wednesday 3 April 2013

Night walks ★☾

One of my favourite things to do is going for a walk at night. It's nice and quiet, there are no other people around, just me and my dog. Snowy, my Kuvasz, is an extremely protective dog and makes me feel completely safe - with her by my side I don't have to worry about safety.

Every season has it's own special charm:
Spring comes with its unique, intoxicating smells: Blossoms, flowers, grass, warming earth... it's indescribably lovely.
Summer smells like BBQ, you hear kids laughing and parties late at night, the temperature is pleasantly warm, crickets are chirping.
Fall has crisp cool evening air, amazing smells again, so rich and earthy, rustling leaves on the ground.
Winter can be absolutely magical: If there is snow you feel like you are in a winter wonderland, with the snow glittering in the light of the street lamps, and the night being strangely bright with all the white surrounding you. In the Christmas season there are festive lights everywhere, and the houses shine with a golden, inviting glow. Even without snow it is beautiful, with stars and moon shining bright and the cold air being quite invigorating.

Night walks are definitely my favourite hobby!

Here are a few pictures:

Spring blossoms
Evening sky

Safety first! My fierce protector

August night

Winter moon

 xo Miriam


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