Wednesday 17 April 2013

Out and about

We've been on a little outing! A quickie road trip, just one night, to drop off pigeons and chickens at a friend's place in Merritt and pick up a rabbit for ourselves. The usual.
Welcome Billie!

Our plan was to leave before noon, but - like always - that didn't happen. Only this time it wasn't Richard's fault... My little self-inflicted knife wound I mentioned last time (here) turned nasty: my thumb was swollen, hot and red looking. Not good. After a 2-hour internal debate "should I go?" "Naw, it's not a big deal!" "But what if it's infected and I get blood poisoning? I could die." the little angel on my shoulder won. And a good thing, too, since it is infected and I am now on antibiotics for a week. Plus the doctor informed me I should have gotten stitches. Ah well, too late now. Can't wait to see the scar, I have to make up a good story to go with it.
Anyways, because of all that we didn't get the 11am-ish start we had aimed for but left at 2:30pm.
Nothing new to us, we NEVER leave on time for these things.
We love road trips. Quite often we are only gone for 24 hours, but it is still so worth it. You see something new, we have great conversations while we are on the road, and if we are really lucky we are being fed and spoiled with drink (non-alcoholic this time due to the antibiotics, bummer) by kind friends.
So here are some photos from the road! All taken with my beloved phone and instagrammed, and I was feeling in a Lo-Fi mood - lots of colour and contrast, be warned!
Finally on the road
Dramatic clouds by Chilliwack

Slow down
Obligatory selfie (I'm just noticing now that my lips are quite dry. Gotta be more diligent with the old chapstick.)

2 ospreys

Chocolatier, our friend's Llama. Love his colours!
"How are you doing?"

Kona, 2 week old filly
Sun in my face, wind in my hair

It was fun!
xo Miriam 


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