Sunday 12 May 2013

Coyote ugly

We have a motion camera on our property since we are still stalked by coyotes once in a while - despite the dogs, fence, and llamas (seriously guys, what are you doing?). Our chickens and ducks are just irresistible!

We had it up since fall 2011 and took it down the other day (I know, I know) - better late than never I say.
Mostly we caught the dogs (and a lot of pictures of just branches rustling in the breeze), but we did get a few pictures of the coyote as well.

"Anybody out there?

Our bush at night


"What are you looking at?"

Little bugger


Here he is again

Looking riiiight at the camera

The only snow we had in the winter of 2012

The best Snow I ever had ♥

To be continued...
xo Miriam


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