Sunday 26 May 2013

Farm girl problems

Living on a farm has many advantages.
You are out in the fresh air, moving about, getting exercise. Spending time with animals is very therapeutic and satisfying; nobody will ever love you like your dog!

The frogs give us our own private concert each night in the spring and summer, and we just love listening to their croaking.

Animals are funny: We have a tiny rooster who has a definite short man complex and attacks everything and everyone who moves. That might sound scary to peeps who don't like birds, but he's seriously small: weighs less than a pound and doesn't reach past my ankles. Foolish (yet brave) little bugger.

The lambs, goats and our llama baby are just loving life, and it's so entertaining watching them frolicking around the field: they run around, do little jumps in the air, chase each other, try to mount their mothers (guys! *eye roll*).

And, of course, there are the campfires, the chirping of birds, and the freedom of peeing in the backyard without anybody being able to see you (it's so liberating, and sometimes I'm just too lazy to go to the house) .

Alas, like everything in life, there are also a few downsides to farm life. It's not very conducive to female grooming: forget about flawless skin or nice manicures.
At any time I have at least 3 bruises (which I also acquire at work by running into the x-ray table, so it's a double whammy), often a couple scratches, and flea bites in the summer. Calluses come into the picture when I have to do some heavy lifting around here.
And nice nails? I had to kiss those goodbye 10 years ago. Even though my nails are quite strong and don't break easily, I somehow still manage to do so. Manicures are really a waste of time since the paint starts chipping shortly after I painstakingly applied 2 coats. (My impatience has never allowed for 3, I just can't wait that long.)
A good neck scratch for Fire (horse) or butt scratch for Bear (dog) will do in even the most supposedly un-chippable polish. But they love 'em, so what can I do?

Since pictures say more than a thousand words, here are a few exhibits.
This bruise is courtesy of my Kuvasz Snowy. She has that annoying habit of pawing when she wants attention - and she wants attention all-the-time.

Her paw is always draped over my arm or scratching my leg. But what is up with my hand claw? No idea what it's doing.

Lovely calluses. You get these puppies when you have to
a) push around heavy shit (literally) in wheelbarrows
b) shovel grain, topsoil, feed, gravel.... 

This was in February. Everything was wet, muddy and rain-soaked, including the horse poop - makes it very heavy and cumbersome to push to the manure pile

In this case: grain

Un-girly nails
It's already healing, so you missed it's bright-red glory. I have no idea how I got this scratch.
All in all though I'm not complaining. I take chipped nails and scratched legs any day if that means I get to live the hobby farm lifestyle. Love it!
Have a lovely Sunday!
xo Miriam


  1. This makes me just wanna live and work on a farm even more!

    I always have bruises, yucky nails and rabbit/puppy scratches. I think it's my destiny! haha

    Also; I still think you look very pretty even whilst shoveling grain!:D x

    1. Haha thanks for the compliment Danielle!

      You should totally do farm living, it's great. Even if it's a mini farm, just get a few chickens in the back yard and a few canaries or finches in an aviary and you're good to go!

      It's worth it! And if you already have the bruises that go with it, even better lol


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