Thursday 30 May 2013

Why online shopping is awesome

Oh the joys of modern life! 36-hour work week (which gives you 132 hours you can spend as you please - that's really a lot of free time when you think about it), endless re-runs of your favourite 90s TV show, rechargeable batteries (I went through batteries like nobody's business for my little portable CD player before I discovered them), cellphones that take pictures, breathable contact lenses that don't hurt your eyes - I could go on and on.

But by far the very best invention in my opinion?
Online shopping. 

Oh how much I love online shopping. It's so much better than real shopping in many ways! The pleasure of the shopping process is three-fold:

1. The pleasure of browsing. So many pretty pictures, so many choices, and laughing happy models! And then the stories that come with the clothes.
Here's an example from ModCloth:
"One of your fondest memories from your recent vacation was chatting on the balcony with your sweetheart while enjoying the breathtaking beachfront view. Keep those captivating recollections near and dear to your heart by wearing this printed dress from Plenty by Tracy Reese! Featuring a photo-realistic print of tropical waters and umbrella-filled beaches atop its sheer overlay, this sleeveless frock conjures joyful memories each time it’s worn. The fully lined garment’s vibrant hues of gold, aqua, and ivory make it a chicly colorful centerpiece for any ensemble, while its breezy material creates a flattering A-line silhouette that’s always in style. Paired with woven peep toes and a fabric headband, this dreamy dress will transport you to much-missed shorelines in delightful style!"                     

This is the story for one dress! Isn't it darling? Which store clerk would ever go to such lengths to describe a dress to a customer - no store clerk ever.
Sometimes I just like reading the stories about their clothes and picture myself living the life they describe, and it gives me a warm happy glow.

Then of course comes the thrill of  the "add to bag" button. I can get a bit carried away and add and add - just to see how far I will go (turns out not very far, even in hypothetical shopping I'm quite cautious - have never gone over the $1,000 mark).

2. Ordering and the pleasure of anticipation. Once you have ordered your items, now comes the waiting. Some people might hate that part, but I enjoy it tremendously. Anticipation is fun! Every day on your way to the mailbox you have this delicious flutter in your stomach: "Is it gonna be here today?" It transforms the chore of collecting mail (which is mainly bills as we all know only too well) into an exciting little adventure. (I'm easily excitable.)

3. The package has arrived! This is the best part: Your clothes (or photo book, jewelry, roller skates) are here, and you get to open a package. Who doesn't love doing that? It's a bit like Christmas!

Here are a few of the best items I have found online:
I did a post about this princess skirt a couple weeks ago
This skirt is from etsy. Etsy is just a treasure box when it comes to finding unique, affordable pieces of jewelry, clothing, or whatever else you may desire. So far all my experiences with ordering from Etsy have been 100% positive.

Chickpea Design Studio

Another Etsy find that I love. It's bohemian, artsy, and summery, and since the studio is located in Sedona, AZ, it reminds me of our upcoming roadtrip to Arizona and makes me happy every time I look at it.

For a while there last year I had an intense hankering for a tattoo. I'm tattoo-free and have to will stay that way since the hubster doesn't like tattoos. So I ordered a couple temporary ones (you guessed it, from Etsy again) and cured this craving! It stayed on surprisingly long despite daily showers, I had it for a good 10 days.

Roller skates

These roller skates are another example of how fantastic the internet is. I used to own a pair as a teenager that I loved. I roller skated everywhere, and thought they are the coolest pair ever invented.

Out of the blue they popped into my mind, and I thought how nice it would be if I could find a pair like that again. Now comes the awesome part of the story: Since I couldn't find a pair anywhere, I sat down on my computer and googled: blue roller skates.
And guess what? A picture of this fabulous pair (above) comes up! They look very, very similar to my old skates. I clicked on it, followed the link, and a short week later (!!) they arrived at my home.

The internet is amazing. My latest order is a black and white striped maxi skirt from Etsy: I searched for "black and white striped maxi skirt" and voilĂ , the exact skirt I was looking for came up:
 Now I'm waiting with bated breath for the package to arrive. Woohoo!!


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  1. awesome things! i really like the maxi skirts. i avoid online shopping, because it's a little too easy to spend too much money ^^


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