Thursday 9 May 2013

The hunt is on!

As you know, I am searching for the perfect pair of overalls. I tried my first pair on yesterday at Winners, but sadly, so far no luck.
The fit was somehow off: when the bib was in its proper place in the front I had a wedgie* in the back; when I pulled out that wedgie in the back by adjusting the straps the bib hung so low that I felt my nipples where above the bib. Just not right.  (Is it ok to say nipples here? Or is it a "forbidden" word? I work in healthcare so to me it's just descriptive. What else would you call them? Hmm.)

I was disappointed. So I tried on about 10 different dresses and skirts. (My go-to happy clothes.)

Yet another red dress
And I didn't like any of them. It was just one of those days: either they were a bit too small. Or a bit too big. Or they made my hips look funny. Or I was overcome by a moment of maturity and reasoned that I don't really need a 5th red dress. (I'm trying to save money.)

And that I liked my outfit I came in with better than any of the clothes I had tried on.

OOTD: Old Navy skirt, shirt and shoes; American Eagle denim jacket (I think Old Navy should hire me as their official spokeswoman. I do have a lot of clothes from them. Old Navy, are you listening?)

So I was ready to walk out empty-handed. But then something wonderful happened: I spied with my little eyes this cute lil item!
You can't really tell from my crappy photo, but these are adorable little shorts with a flower print. And a bow! Very airy and floaty, almost feel like a skirt. And they were only $11.00! Total guilt-free purchase.
Here's another picture:

So I did a little happy dance, and paid one of my lowest ever totals at the check-out in Winners.
But the hunt for the elusive overalls continues!

I will keep you updated.

Enjoy (yet another!!) gorgeous day out! (I feel like the whole Lower Mainland got moved 2000km south sometime in the last few weeks without any of us noticing. This warm and sunny weather is so not typical for this time of the year. Not that I'm complaining.)

xo Miriam

* The wedgie is my nemesis: due to the shape of my butt (it's kinda sticky-out, aka a "bubble butt" as I'm told) I always, always have to fight off the wedgie. My panties just like to crawl in there. Richard says my butt is always hungry. I'm still searching for the perfect underwear (another search, I know!) that will stay in place. Any tips on what brand to buy will be most gratefully received.


  1. I clearly have a "wide Irish mom butt", but that being said, I find the "cheeky" kind from la senza great. they are already half-way up there but you don't notice. I get all mine in cotton and they are super comfortable.
    LOVE the shorts!

    1. Hahaha the "wide Irish mom butt"? You're too funny! As far as I remember you have a very adorable cute little butt. But thanks for the tip, I will definitely give it a try!!

  2. cute shorts! and i like your outfit of the day!


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