Monday 13 May 2013

On our walk today

No deep thoughts today, just a few pictures I took with my cellphone camera (I love you scratched-up, dirty old Samsung Nexus!) on our walk this morning. 

Howdy new neighbour!
Snow chased these two away from the fence. Poor little cow babies

After a day of heavy rain, clouds, some sun, then rain again, we are right now being treated to the golden sun peeking out from underneath a dark-grey cloud cover. Quite spectacular. Take a look outside!

xo Miriam


  1. Oh my goodness! Your photos are amazing. Brings back so many memories of when my aunt and uncle lived on a farm. So glad I found your blog :)


    1. Thanks Mackenzie! And I'm following yours now, love the VW Bus, my parents used to own one!


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