Wednesday 1 May 2013

A day in pictures

To honour the first day of the new month (hello May!) I decided to take pictures of everything I do today.

Here they are!
Daily weigh-in and not-daily primping (mascara on my day off? Pleeeeze)

Cooking Kaiserschmarrn, our fave breakfast - basically a giant pancake torn into little pieces. Yum!
Sweet, warm, doughy goodness - and it has blueberries and apples in it (so it's healthy, right?)
Laundry, always laundry

OOTD: pants from aeropostale, shoes and bag from Old Navy, sweater from Bluenotes

Farm-fresh eggs
Putting them together for a customer
Picking up money from the last sale. It was a good one!

Wednesday is cattle sale day

Dropped off some old clothes at the clothing bank

Grocery shopping (btw, tried the gluten-free bread, wanted to see what the hype is all about - it has nothing on real bread. Quite strange tasting and bland. Lovely real, gluten-laden bread, I will never ever again forsake you!)
Lunch: salad consisting of butter lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, mango, strawberries with mango dressing; served with sweet potato chips

Dog walk (and I'm wearing shorts! It's getting warmer outside)
Got my latest stickygrams...

...for my sticky fridge. The collection is growing :-)
Always computer time
Saw my doctor to pick up a new prescription

Admiring these adorable tutu tights - can't wait for my sweet friend's babygirl's arrival!

Snack time

Decorated my new shelf
A lot of dog brushing
Rooster fight
Empty feed bin

Full feed bin!

TV time! Obsessed with the Big Bang Theory right now
It's now 8 o'clock, we are comfortably parked in front of the TV, and in about two hours I'll go to bed. It's been a good and productive day, I hope yours was good too!

Happy tube time my fellow TV fanatics!


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  1. i just had breakfast, but i want another one because of this post! those pieces of pancake look soooo good! :D


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