Friday 24 May 2013

Lovers spat

The inevitable has happened.
Me and my new love had their first fight.

I knew it had to happen, and I'm almost relieved that it did - it's part of a relationship, right? It will make the relationship grow and get stronger?
But I'm still sad that the first magical weeks where everything is peachy and wonderful have come to an end. *sigh*

Blog, I feel like you don't understand me! Your job is to make me happy! You are supposed to be the one and only for me!

But I catch myself ogling other blogs, and feeling they are much better. More interesting, charismatic, funnier. Why can't you be like that? I know I shouldn't compare us to others. We have our own thing going and should stay true to ourselves. But who and what are we?
I think we are going through a bit of an identity crisis. Are we fun-loving with lots of pictures about how great life is? Are we serious, with a tortured writer's soul, asking deep, life-altering questions? Is this a diary? How much do we want to bring friends and family in? I'm at a bit of a loss.

It was easy for the first few weeks, the excitement swept me away and the golden glow of a new relationship gave me inspiration. Now it's getting harder.

Blogger friends, have you all gone through this stage too? Will I find my way again?
Any tips or advice will be very much appreciated.

This is a relationship that's very important to me, I love my blog(-friend).

Maybe a bit more structure will help. More lists. (I adore lists.) 
This space is definitley a work in progress, but I'll stick to it! And hopefully figure it out.

Mystified Miriam


  1. oh, the first fight! that's always the toughest one ^^

    i think everyone has gone through this stage :) me too, sometimes i wonder what i have to give.. especially compared to all the wonderful blogs that already exist.

    but then i just think about why i started blogging in the first place: for me! i started blogging because i want to have a place where i can just write about what i think and be a little creative. so, i try not to think too much about the content, i just post what i feel like posting :)

    you will find your way! :) i like your blog so much, because it's so different from the others. you give insight into a different world. and i can relate to your personal posts too, because of the way you write. it's very honest and well put together.

    so, hopefully you'll soon resolve this fight :) making lists always helps! ^^

    1. Thank you D! I guess surviving the first fight makes a relationship stronger?
      I truly appreciate your kind words, it put a big goofy smile on my face and made me feel a ton better. Thank you!
      Now on to the list making...

  2. Hahaha of course!!
    My blog is a dusty old hat, just waiting around for it's chance to be worn again.
    I write about whatever is on my mind, if I need an outlet, to share something important, whatever.
    I need to start blogging again. Even if it's just uploading a few photos and talking about the goods in the day.
    Ok. Your lack of inspiration is giving me inspiration. Hahha

    1. I've read every single one of your posts from the get-go. Really love your blog! So dust off that old hat and start wearing it again! It will look amazing with your new hair (yes, I'm stalking you on instagram and not ashamed of it and I luuuurve your new hair!).
      I'm so happy to hear that - do I dare call myself a writer? - writer's angst seems to be a common phenomenon. Phew!


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