Thursday 10 July 2014

An introvert's perspective

You know you are an introvert when:

You crave solitude after being around people for too long.
Because people are exhausting.
And quite annoying at times.

You hate talking on the phone. (I never properly got the hang of it. Either I talk over the other person, or there are awkward pauses because I think they are about to say something. How do you know when you can't see the other person?)

You express yourself better in writing than in conversation.

You like the idea of summer parties, festivals and BBQs - but the reality? It's a lot of work.

You hate small talk. (It seems so pointless.)
But you love having long conversations about life.

You get overly excited when someone cancels plans.

You sometimes wish to be a more social person, but it's just so bloody exhausting!
Contrary to popular belief, you like people. Just not too many at once, and only in small doses.

Pets are so awesome because they don't talk.

The one redeeming quality of a trip to the dentist is that you don't have to talk.

Talking can be so tiring.
(Writing never is.)

Before you realized that you are an introvert, you often thought something was wrong with you.

Do any of these sound familiar? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 

Love, Miriam

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  1. Up until now I thought I was an extrovert but now maybe I need to revisit that. Problem is that I always thought introverts were weirdos. I guess I need to revisit that too. So enjoyed that blog Miriam. I found it to be very me. Please tell me im not a narcissist. Keep your blogs coming darling. You are awesome.

  2. So many of these sound familiar - especially about the pets not talking! I love my furballs even more just for the one-sided conversations and snuggles :)

  3. is completely me. I love the IDEA of being social but actually being social... that's for everyone else who is good at it. Me, I like to write my books/blog and hang out with only my closest family and friends in short spurts. I LOL'd about the getting overly excited about canceled plans. I totally feel this way a.lot of the time.

  4. Must agree with the post also with the ladies here ^^ :-) no social butterfly here either ..

  5. I'm an extrovert, but people still get on my nerves and sometimes I don't want to talk to anyone :) I also hate talking on the phone for the most part...I would much rather someone at work just email me than call me.

  6. Yep, oh the life of an introvert! Only difference is my dentist and the dental hygienists like to talk to you and ask questions (you know, the awesome small talk) while their hands are in your mouth. So that's a whole new kind of fun. :P

  7. Nodding right along!! I'm a total introvert.

    BTW, how did your trip to the dentist go last week? Some blissful non-talking time, if nothing else....


  8. I was reading these and seriously going, "yes, yes, yes, yes, yes" in my head the entire's like someone wrote this about me! haha
    ~ Samantha


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