Monday 21 July 2014

Welcome to our home!

I have been wanting to do this forever: a little tour of our home. There are several reasons why it has taken me so long: 
1. I suck at indoor photography. 
2. It is usually messy/not clean enough. 
Well, those are actually the only reasons. But they are important ones, no? Luckily, we had a few friends coming over and staying the night, so I cleaned up the house. Knowing that people come for a visit is usually the only best reason to get the pesky housework done, don't you agree? 

There is not much I can do about the lighting in our house, it is not the greatest - we have a lot of trees around the house and overhangs to boot, so it is always slightly dark in there. But the shade and coolness the trees provide is awesome, so I'm more than happy to pay the price of suboptimal lighting. 

Okay, without further ado, here it is: our humble abode!

Our bedroom
Canvases from CanvasPop
Leis as curtain strings | dream catcher from my parents | little souvenir from our wedding day

View from the bedroom

Possibly the world's tiniest bathroom. But it does its job. 


Chickens doing their own special chicken "dance" | Art work from one of our daughters

Kitchen/dining area
If I would ever change something major in our house, it would be the kitchen. I always dreamed of a big, square kitchen, with a large dining table, an island to cook on, and maybe some bar stools on one side of the island. Instead I got this long, skinny, tube-shaped kitchen. For just the two of us it is more than enough, but when we have guests it gets really tight! That's why we only invite people we like. ;-)

Living room
Yes, that's an old record player in the corner. And yes, it works! Once in a while we will put on some records and have a little dance party.
Instagram pictures printed on wood! My crappy phone pic doesn't do them justice. For your own, go to InstaThis


There you have it! We do have a basement, but it is currently just a storage area, we don't really need it. 
I hope you enjoyed this little tour!

xoxo Miriam
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  1. Nice from you for sharing!
    I love colors too, pictures too, and nope, not the smallest bathroom :-) Currently where I am at, there is also a basil right in the window of the kitchen, hehe.. and again, the arrows with the explanations are too funny =) Bis bald, M from M haha

  2. Your place is so cute! Love all the character it has!!!! And I'm jealous that you have a record player!

  3. Such a lovely home! I'm so totally envious of the trees... I wish we had more around our home. I love all the vibrant colours too. Everything looks so comfy. And the best is the dog on the bed! :) love it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home on your blog. I've been meaning to do a similar post of our nee home.

    1. Please do! It's so interesting to take a peek into someone else's home.
      Lily is by far the best accessory in our house, so happy to have her! She's my little shadow, following me around everywhere.

  4. Ok I could go on and on about how much I love your house...clean, classic, and COLORFUL! You honestly have such a bright and beautiful home :) And I love that you got the pooch in some of the pictures (awww...puppy stalking haha)
    I also love the packed bookshelf. That is definitely how my bookshelves are at home! Also, the OCD part of me adores the matching columns of picture frames you've got hanging on the wall heading upstairs...looks great!
    ~ Samantha

  5. i love home tours! i always like seeing how a house reflects a personality. your home looks very cosy. i love the pops of color everywhere and the carpets!

  6. I was enjoying the pictures and then in the kitchen one I gasped and got teary eyed as my grandparents have that some looking grinder on the wall in their kitchen and it brought back such strong memories.

  7. I love how colorful it all is and it is funny how Lily is in almost every other picture :) I really like your bedding! I plan on doing a home tour before we move...though we never did get around to hanging some of the pictures and now I'm don't want to bother with putting new holes in the wall.

  8. Such a great place Miriam! It is totally you. I love the bookshelves and the swimsuit optional sign!

  9. How fun!! I love this house tour post. Your house is so bright and colorful and I can just tell that it is bursting with love.


  10. I love how bright everything is, and how there's so much of the outdoors inside. From the huge windows to the plants to all the pictures of your farm babies on the walls. It's perfect Miriam. Maybe I'll do a home tour too.


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