Thursday 17 July 2014

Style: Beach+body=beachbody

I once read somewhere that all you need to get a beach body are two things: a beach and a body. I love that! 
The pressure to get a "perfect" body is something I find quite annoying. It implies that without that elusive "perfect body" you really shouldn't go to the beach. Or if you do, you better cover up. It ruins the entire summer experience. Why shouldn't we be able to enjoy the summer with all it has to offer, screw the so-called perfection? 

When I tried to come up with an outfit this week, all I could think of was how hot is has been here lately. When I mentioned the heat last Monday, I got a few curious (doubtful?) questions: How hot can it really get in Canada?
Turns out, surprisingly toasty. We've been up in the 30s (in Celsius, 90s in Fahrenheit) for almost two weeks now. It's shocking, I know! I love the heat, it's wonderful. Did I dress fashionably though? Hell, no!
I've been living in my bathing suit at home. So I thought: Hey, why not do a bathing suit fashion post?

When you watch little kids playing around in their bathing suits at the pool, lake, beach or at home, they are completely unselfconscious. They don't care one bit about what their bodies look like. All they care about is how great it feels to have the sun warm your skin, the coolness of the water that's so deliciously refreshing, and how much fun it is. The carelessness of childhood and summer, all wrapped up into one big, happy package!

I have made it one of my goals to enjoy like kids do. With wild and reckless abandon.  
I refuse to enjoy summer one iota less just because my stomach may be a touch round, my bum may be sticking out (as it always does), or I may not care for my thighs that day. Is it really that important?
The older I get, the less important it becomes. Which is just one of the many, many reasons why I enjoy my thirties so tremendously. One huge burden off my shoulders, yay! 

So I donned my fave bathing suit, poured myself a cold drink and had some fun in the sun. 

This goose knows how it's done. After watching her thoroughly enjoying her bath, I thought I would try out the kiddie duck-and geese pool myself. 

Not bad, not bad - but not refreshing enough. 
No, this heat required bigger guns - the good old sprinkler once again!

You can't see it too well, but there is water raining down on me. I am performing a rain dance of sorts! Lily was sceptical of my performance. But what do Corgis know?

Bathing suit: Macy's; sunnies: American Eagle (very old); sprinkler: priceless

How are you staying cool during the summer? Have you ever tried the rain dance? I highly recommend it. ;-)

xo Miriam

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  1. What a cute suit! It looks like you're having a great summer :) I can't wait to go swimming in my parents' pool in just a few short weeks!
    ~ Samantha

  2. Looks like you are having a good old time :) I love the drink picture! Is that the cowboy suit? Also, great message!

  3. I would love to run through some sprinklers!

  4. That's a really cute bathing suit and it fits you perfectly!

  5. Love the bikini :O)
    BTW I've just written this on beach wear


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