Thursday 11 December 2014

Style: Location, location, location

Can we talk about taking pictures in the winter? Okay, cool.
The short version is: it sucks. Take yesterday as an example: it was pouring rain, dark and grey. I tried it outside (the rain had stopped for about a minute): 

 This is my "I'm not impressed" facial expression.

Naw, didn't work. Then I moved it inside in front of the Christmas tree: 

Ehm... no.

(Here is a close-up of the sweater. Isn't it so cute?)

I tried an old location:

Hmm, not really feeling it. Discouraged and out of ideas, I laid down on the guest couch for a while. Aahhh, so comfy. And that's where it came to me: Take 'em in bed! No better place on a day like this. 

Sweater: H&M; skinnies: American Eagle (old), similar; shoes: Swedish Hasbeens (via Amazon)

Wake me when it stops raining.

xo Miriam

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  1. Super cute outfit.. and an even cuter model :)

    1. Awe, you're making me blush!
      Thanks girl 😘

  2. That sweater and shoes combo is super cute! Looks great!

    1. I'm obsessed with this sweater, it reminds me of my white dogs! Well done, H&M, well done.

  3. I like the black and white ones :) You guys have a great window! P would love it...he is obsessed with lots of light :) Boo on the blah weather. It is actually pouring rain here right now, and is a bit chilly (only 59 but still) :)


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