Wednesday 10 December 2014

When I'm an old lady...

Yesterday after work I popped into our local grocery store for a couple of things. On my way back to the car I walked past an elderly lady sitting in her car, texting on her smart phone (!!), with a huge smile on her face. 
Seeing that brought a big smile to my own face, and I thought to myself: "I want to be like that when I'm older."

That got me thinking: What else do I want to be in, let's say, 30 years from now?


... I will use the technology of the time - maybe we will have flying cars by then? How cool would that be?!
... I will call younger people sweetheart and love
... I will tell it how it is
... I will laugh uprorious, loud belly laughs
... I will dress however I like
... I won't give a damn about what anybody thinks
... I will still have a fast walk...
... and own too many dogs I can walk fast
... I will have long, silver hair
... I will be proud of my wrinkles
... I hope I will still have my husband, who will be the fittest 90-year old around ;-)

Images found  here, here and here
Do you ever picture yourself as an old lady? What do you see?

xo Miriam



  1. I think you're going to be one of those incredibly fun old ladies who everyone loves to talk to and be around. You'll be the one whose house smells like baking bread every time you walk into it, whose dogs love her and any visitors she has, who tells the best stories and makes everyone laugh, who has homemade EVERYTHING and loves to try her hand at DIY anything, who's as sharp and snappy as she was 30 years earlier, who's strong and beautiful and wise, who's the person that one sees and thinks, "I want to be like her in thirty years"! You'll be great, I have NO doubt!
    ~ Samantha

  2. I am going to be one of those old ladies that looks all sweet and innocent then goes down to the pub for a pint and shocks the young kids when I swear!

  3. This is such a good goal to remember - be deliberate in how we age and what kind of person we continuously are! You're going to be an awesome older lady - full of laughs and such a youthful and vibrant spirit!

  4. I love the pictures. I tell P all the time I'm going to dye my hair crazy colors, like purple and red when it goes gray :) I hope to keep up with technology and still feel young at heart.

  5. I think I'm gonna be a crabby old lady. hahaha No joke.


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