Wednesday 3 December 2014

Frosty days

Brr, it's cold outside. But can I tell you a secret? I much rather have it cold and sunny, then not-so-cold and rainy. You already knew that, but it was worth mentioning anyway. I mean, just look at it! 

Those two are always playing.
Walking on ice is tricky business!
On a mission...
... to chop open the ice. We have to do that every morning right now.
You see the brown shape on the right edge of the photo? That's Neil, patiently waiting for me to finish the job.
I guess he was thirsty.
This pony is made for winter.
I had a few questions if it's too cold for the horses, and rest assured, it isn't. They love this weather as much as I do! Their coat has thickened considerably over the last few weeks, and they are nice and toasty. We put them in their stalls when it's raining, but when not, they are out and loving it!
Feeding time! The best time of the day.

xo Miriam



  1. I prefer cold and sunny too... but just as long as it's not windy. It's the wind that makes it unbearable!

  2. Oh the extra work on the farm in winter! Bless Neil waiting so nicely - I love this <3
    So lovely to see the dogs playing.


  3. Oh my goodness... Bear and the llama! So cute! :) (That's a llama, right??? lol)

  4. Great pictures!! Burr though...I don't miss the cold one bit!!

  5. Brrrr!! I'm shivering. It looks like everyone is having fun in the cooler weather though. I'm with Mary on her comment above - I just don't like the wind!

  6. I wish winter in Minnesota looked this good! <3 your pictures, as always!! :)
    ~ Samantha

  7. Yes, cold and sunny for the win!


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