Friday 2 May 2014

Style: I'm unsexy and I know it

Boyfriend jeans.
What's your opinion? Yes or no? I bought myself a pair for the very first time a few days ago, and I LOVE them. So comfy! I know Stacy and Clinton hated that word in their day, but their show is over so they don't get to have an opinion any more. There!
Are they sexy? Nope, quite the opposite: as far removed from sexy as possible. On the other side of the scale. But, like I said, extremely comfortable, a nice break from skinnies, and they make me feel sort of artsy. I dig it.

The whole getup you are about to see is supposed to be my version of starving artist: messy bun, roomy jeans, clogs and a skull T-shirt to show my contempt for the establishment. Plus there is the red lip. And the mason jar. Sadly I'm not drinking red wine out of it, but orange juice with water (have to go to work later) - just picture it with wine.
Then there is the shabby deck, messy and in need of repairs. Now picture the whole scene set in Paris on a roof top, and you get what I was going for!

Working feverishly on the next big masterpiece of literature. 
Or, more likely, on a mediocre piece nobody will read.
We will have to see which one it will be. 
(That rhymed!)

Top: originally Wet Seal, found at Ross; boyfriend jeans: Old Navy; clogs: Lotta From Stockholm; glasses: Joseph Marc from Clearly Contacts

Did you get my vision mes chers amis?
Have a fabulous weekend!

Love, Miriam

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  1. YES to the boyfriend jeans! when combined with a red lip, i think they look really good!

  2. I've yet to wear boyfriend jeans--I was looking for a pair for quite a while but I never found the ones that I deemed "perfect". Although, I am pretty bad at being able to tell at the store if jeans really fit or not so I have a pair or two of "skinnies" that fit more like your new boyfriend jeans....haha!

    1. Rachel, I've never been able to find some that fit right either - my pair are technically straight cut/relaxed fit something something, but they create the right silhouette!

  3. I love the look of boyfriend jeans. I have not found a pair that fits me right. I have worn Dan's jeans though. Husband jeans- not sexy AT ALL! LOL

  4. I have yet to try on a pair. I had shopping for jeans...I hate shopping in general or really just the mall. Love the red lipstick!

  5. I love how comfy boyfriend jeans are - and I refuse to wear them with heels like most bloggers in order to make them appear more sexy :)

  6. Love the outfit- just the right balance of cute, trendy, and I-don't-really-care! :P

  7. Totally get it! It seems like every time I'm in my boyfriend jeans I end up doing something carefree. They seem to be in a lot of my beach pictures, covered in sand and wet more often than not! Sadly, several years later, I still only have one pair. Good jeans are hard to find.

    P.S. I've missed you and your "contempt for the establishment" line had me laughing. Xo

  8. I love boyfriend jeans! Don't know if I can pull them off with my body type though.

  9. It has to be said, your ass looks great in those jeans!! I would kill for a booty like yours.

  10. Love this look! Totally something I would wear... I need to invest in a pair of boyfriend jeans ASAP! ;) Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion this week! ♥

  11. So comfy!! You look terrific. Love the contempt for the establishment shirt. :)


  12. Nice look and love your t-shirt color whole look is good.


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