Wednesday 20 January 2016

Nanny Phoebe

O-M-G guys, life is so busy. Not only do I have a job, a blog, a husband, a very demanding beauty routine (teeth don't brush themselves, now do they), but I also have two young kids who are in that difficult age where they want all the attention.
"Mom, can we go for a walk?"
"Mom, play with us!"
"Mom, feed us!"
"Mom, stop cuddling!" (Ouch, that one hurts. You are my babies!)
Not to mention the fights we have at bath time. They hate bath time. It's a struggle every time!

I'm not complaining (#soblessed), even though I could use some more support. For instance, would it kill my blog to help out more? Like pay the bills for instance? Seriously. Nobody ever warns you about blogs. "They are fun!", they say. "They will fulfil you!", they promise. While that may be true, it wouldn't be too difficult to pitch in a bit more, would it?

Well. While I may not be able to rely on my blog, I can rely on my nanny. In fact, I wouldn't know what I would do without her! 
In the beginning I was hesitant about having a live-in help. You always hear stories about husbands and nannies... 
Oh, but am I ever glad that I decided to give her a chance!
Nanny Phoebe has been an invaluable help with the kids. Thanks to her I can leave the little ones unsupervised for hours! 

Her approach is tough love. Sometimes a bit heavy on the tough, she doesn't believe in coddling children. 

 "Put that down this instance!"

Can you blame her? They are a hand full.
Particularly that young, lanky one. 

But Nanny Phoebe can handle it. She always keeps a steady eye on them. 

The neighbour lady agrees: "That nanny is a saint! So much patience. Their mother is lucky to have her."

Indeed, I am. Nanny Phoebe, I love you!


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