Thursday 14 January 2016

Style: A dress that shows off your undies and extroverted boots

Boots and stripes

Here's how my "creative process" usually goes: I take some random pictures, keep my fingers crossed that they turn out halfway decent, and then stare at them and try to think of something to say. I had planned to devote an entire post to this process, but I'm not sure if I can - because that's it, really. Some days, inspiration strikes and a little story comes to me to go with the photos - other days, it doesn't.

Today is one of those other days. What can I tell you about this swing dress that I adore and the boots I have worn a thousand times? Well, a couple of warnings come to mind, which are more like life lessons, really:

1. Wear nice underwear when wearing swing dresses. 
Because that sucker is not named swing dress for nothing, and will showcase your undies whether you want to or not. 

2. When buying boots, check their soles. 
If they are smooth as glass, you will slip and slide every time you wear them. Which is what happens every time I put on these babies, because nobody gave me this nifty piece of advice when I bought them several years ago, and now I'm paying the price. The solution? Only wear them when in the company of someone you can hold on to. They are social boots, the enemy of every introvert. My boots force me to be with people!
What is this world coming to...

Stripes and purple tights
Stripes and boots
Stripes and boots
Fun winter outfit

Swing dress: Garage from last year (similar); denim jacket: American Eagle (similar); scarf: DIY gift (how about this adorable mustard-yellow one?); boots: old (these ones are cute!); tights: old (similar); boot socks: Payless 

Stripes, boots and a circle scarf


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