Thursday 28 January 2016

Style: Born in the wrong country

Guys, I'm beyond thrilled: I will finally be a Canadian in 14 days!!!
I got the precious letter I have been waiting for for three months yesterday, and I AM SO FRICKING EXCITED!! 
It may be hard for you to understand, but Canada is the country that was always meant to be mine. 
I am going so far as to say that I was born in the wrong country. You know people who are born in the wrong body? They were supposed to be boys, but nature, the moody bitch, put them in a female body?

That's how I always felt about being German. I was meant to be Canadian, but by some weird freak-of-nature accident, I ended up in Germany. Not that my time there was wasted; I picked up some helpful tools to navigate life with: A strong work ethic, an appreciation for the rich history in Europe, and a fondness for Pretzels and sauerkraut. Well worth it. 

The pretzels are the main reason why I will keep my German citizenship (you think I'm joking? I am not), but in two weeks I will also finally become what I was always meant to be: CANADIAN.  

In honour of this momentous occasion (and also because I had no time to take photos), I decided to dedicate this post to all things Canadian I mentioned and/or wore on the blog before.

Only my fourth fashion post on the blog, and it was dedicated to Canada day! Please excuse the poor quality of the photos, I was young and inexperienced. 

But I did make my own Canada bracelet:

Three months later, I inadvertently wore another Canada-inspired outfit: This chevron dress. 

What in the world could have inspired me to buy a red-and-white dress? ;-)

(Or to strike these poses?)

I also told the story of why I chose Canada a few months later, proving that my love for this beautiful country is never far from my mind. 

One year later, I had to go to the dentist, and shared my outfit with you. Wouldn't you know it? My Canadian fan sneaked its way into the photos. 

The Canadian Tuxedo is another classic, and I wore it in this post:

Another red-and-white outfit: My beloved eShakti dress and some plaid, what else.

Last but not least, I represented Canada on our trip to Mexico five years ago:

What did I tell ya? I was meant to be Canadian.

Much love,

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