Thursday 21 January 2016

Style: Where the "magic" happens

Welcome to my office! I usually take my photos outside (the light is so much better), but it looks like the world is going to end today, so grey and miserable, I just couldn't. Add to that that I rearranged my office a bit and actually cleaned it for once, and I thought it's the perfect opportunity to show you the space where I do all my blogging and writing.
The second chair is ostensibly for my husband or any human who wants to watch TV with me, but is really for the corgi. She usually hangs out with me in here, and she takes the big chair, obviously.

Picture me in pj's instead of a dress, and you know what I do (and look like) every single day. My first cup of coffee is always sipped in this space, reading blogs and checking my emails. It's my morning ritual, and I love it!

I bought this dress in an effort to look a wee bit more put together than pajamas or yoga pants, and I actually wear it quite often. It's super comfy, especially if worn without a bra, which is how it's really done. I put one on just for the photos, which proves once again that bloggers make their lives look much more glamorous on their blogs than they are in real life.
Now, if I could just figure out a way how to make all those cords underneath my desk disappear ...

Dress: Old Navy (on sale right now!); socks: H&M (old; similar)

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