Thursday 19 December 2013


Oh the coziness in here is delightful...♫ 
By golly, it really is. I finished my C-related shopping today, including the turkey and all the fixin's. Because in 2 days from now we will have our main Christmas dinner with the kids and son-in-laws. I'm trรจs excited!

It's supposed to snow 10 cm overnight, and for someone who doesn't have to leave the house tomorrow that's music to my ears. Bring it on!
In here it's so cozy I want so squeal in delight (and I have). We had homemade potato soup with sausages for dinner, went for a walk (Rich walked with me! That's an extremely rare occurrence), and now we are drinking eggnog (him) and wine (me). I could stay here forever.  

Did you notice? Google Auto Awesome sparklified a few pictures again. I seriously love that feature.
That birthday balloon is still going strong 2 weeks after the fact. How long do they last?
Rich gets these humongous poinsettias every year, for customers and for our home. They are very luscious.  
He put on the Santa hat without my prompting! Rich and hats understand each other. 

I hope you are having a relaxing evening!

Good night, Miriam

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  1. Now I wish we had a Santa hat to take pictures with too!

    1. Buy one! For one month of the year it never goes out of style ;-)

  2. Your house looks great all decorated!

    1. Thanks Mary! It's sort of hit and miss from year to year, this year I'm in the spirit and had fun decorating.


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