Wednesday 18 December 2013

'Twas a starry, starry night

It is 12:30 am. 

I've just come home from work, greeted by the colourful lights on our gate and the lit up Christmas tree from the window. Not to forget about my four-legged babies who are SO-EXCITED-SO-SEE-ME! How can people live without that kind of love?

It is strangely mild and bright outside. 
(It rhymed! I'm a poet.)

A full moon. The world is peaceful.

I wrote this last night when I came home, but was too tired to finish it. 
The feeling that enveloped me outside in the clear night air was indescribable; it was one of total peace. 

That this is possible on the 18th of December is a miracle to me.
You see, December used to be a difficult month for me. Filled with impossible expectations, big and small disappointments, too much work and way too much stress. 
That combined with attacks of depression made for a winning holiday combo: all I wanted was hide myself away until boxing day.

The omnipresent "countdown to Christmas" gave me flashbacks to finals-time at school: The dreaded date keeps getting closer and closer and I'm not ready! But, at the same time, you just want to get it over with to end the torture. 

That was then. This year? 
It is different.
Last year's snowy backyard.  
Somewhere along the line I have undergone a few changes over the past year. Grown up? Gained a bit more wisdom? One thing I know for sure: I said good-bye to perfection. Trying to create the perfect holiday, find the perfect gift, cook the perfect meal. Screw it!
Perfection is overrated. All the chase for it ever gave me was digestion problems, hysterical sobbing episodes and nervous breakdowns. Very un-merry. 

This year I have downsized. My work schedule, expectations and perfect-day vision.
Instead I really enjoy the season. Holiday parties, social gatherings, twinkly lights everywhere and an endless supply of chocolate at work - what's not to love?
This Saturday we will have our family turkey dinner (a bit early due to working over Christmas), and I'm really excited for it. 
And if the turkey is a bit dry or the brussel sprouts overcooked? 
I won't worry about it. 
xoxo Miriam

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  1. I always tend to build things up in my mind and then I am disappointed when it does not work out that way I imagine. So, I try very hard at the holidays not to expect to much but to just live in the moment. The holidays have not been very merry since I have neither parent living any more. But for some reason, like you, this year felt different and I am able to enjoy the season.
    Merry Christmas Miriam! Enjoy the rest of your holiday :0)

  2. Gorgeous photos :) Glad you're taking it all... it's truly breathtaking! Hope you have a wonderful week!

    Diary of a Debutante


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