Thursday 19 December 2013

Style: Wooly warmth trumps freezing fashion

Yesterday was the strangest day, weather-wise. It started out brilliantly sunny. Then, when I went to the pond for a few photos, it got all cloudy, grey and cold. But all of a sudden, the sun peaked out and threw this dramatic, golden light onto the tips of the trees! It was quite magical.
"Hi mom!"
I never fail to get some nature stuck in my socks.
I'm just including this photo because of Phoebe. I love how she managed to stick her head into the picture (I used the timer on my camera). I can tell you what she's thinking: "What the hell is she doing?!"
My beautiful Snowy.
Bear loves to get his bum scratched and always turns his butt towards me. I take it as a compliment for being a capable bum scratcher!
"Play with me!"
Hat: Joe Fresh (old)
Scarf: gift
Sweater: Joe Fresh (old)
Shorts: Next (3 years old)
Tights: Smart Set
Knee-high socks: Payless
Booties: Target

xoxo Miriam

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  1. I love the dog head picture and your cute outfit!

    1. She LOVES getting her picture taken. The other dogs not so much, they usually manage to strike a stupid pose just before I expose, but not Phoebe. She's the model in the family.

  2. I love your style. One of my dogs likes bum scratchin' too :0)

    1. Knitwear is so cozy! I can't get enough.
      And yes, the old bum scratch never gets old for him.


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